The Father Ted Colleton Scholarship

The co-sponsors of the Father Ted Colleton Scholarship program, The Interim newspaper and Niagara Region Right to Life, are proud to announce the theme for the essay portion of the contest for the upcoming academic year 2014-2015. This edition will be the 13th year of the scholarship and it continues to grow and draw young people into the pro-life movement as learners. More than 800 students have participated [...]

Fr. Ted Pro-Life Hero 1913 – 2011

Fr. Ted Colleton was a Pro-Life Hero to those who knew him, read about him or met people who who had inspired over the years to take an active role in the Pro-Life movement.  Many of us will give him the credit for inspiration and encouragement to make the pro=life issue their lives work as well.  Here are four articles about him [...]

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Excerpts from Fr. Ted’s books

God so loved the world Is this a new discovery? By no means. “Long time ago in Bethlehem …” the world was given a lesson in love which has never been equalled. It took the experts in human psychology 2000 years to arrive at a rediscovery of this lesson. Christ could have come into this world in any way He wished. He [...]

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Pro-lifers remember Fr. Ted

“Fr. Colleton was one of us at Campaign Life Coalition. He attended our strategy meetings, helped us plan strategies, and carried them out even to the point of locking the gate at Morgentaler’s abortuary and going to the jail for the unborn. He was an inspiration to all of us by his courage and his conviction. He was a remarkable speaker. He [...]

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A missionary to Canada

When President Jomo Kenyatta unceremoniously expelled Fr. Edward Colleton from Kenya in 1971, the Irish Spiritan who had spent the last 30 years living and working in Africa might well have thought his missionary days had come to an end. But Fr. Ted was on the cusp of a new mission. Having come from a place where pregnant woman were honoured and [...]

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The Lion in Winter passes

Fr. Ted Colleton dies at the age of 97 In the evening of April 26, Fr. Ted Colleton passed away peacefully in La Salle Manor in Toronto where he had been convalescing for four years. The pro-life movement lost one of its giants. Edward Colleton was born in Dublin on July 20, 1913. Fr. Ted joked, “my mother was there at the [...]

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The babe in the manger has so much to say to us

Billions of babies have been born during the past 2,000 years. A few of them, who happened to be of royal blood, had the privilege of having their birthdays celebrated with some pomp and ceremony in their own countries. With their deaths and the passage of time, not only have their birthdays, but the people themselves, been forgotten. There is but one [...]

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Kindness counts

"In all my wanderings, it seems to me that the grace of God is in courtesy.” So wrote the famous English writer of the 1930s, Hilaire Belloc. As this is my first column for 1992 – the January column was written in December 1991 – I was trying to think of something positive as a subject. Then, on Sunday last, I happened [...]

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The gritty realities of an Operation Rescue event

August 2007 I am sure it is not necessary to explain to any of our readers the meaning of Operation Rescue. I missed the one they had in October, but I was ready for the recent event - Jan. 12, 13 and 14. We were told to meet at an establishment in Toronto at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 12. About 70 [...]

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Father Ted Colleton looks back on a life of service to the pro-life cause

Father Ted Colleton photos Campaign Life Coalition national president and Interim editorial advisory board member Jim Hughes interviewed pro-life personality and long-time columnist Fr. Ted Colleton on April 3 at La Salle Manor in Toronto. Fr. Ted has “retired” from pro-life work and will return to Ireland later this year, but not before looking back at the pro-life movement and his contributions [...]

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Remarkable people I have met

Murphy’s Law is this, “If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.” I sometimes think I must be related to Murphy – but not always! One weekend, things went right. I was already committed to preaching on the missions at Canadian Martyrs Church in Ottawa and had booked my passage on the train. Then, a few days before, I heard about [...]

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The power and importance of prayer

Editor’s note regarding Father Ted’s column Fr. Ted Colleton has been writing columns for The Interim almost since the first issue – nearly a quarter-century of monthly reflections on life, family and religion. This might surprise people who have heard Fr. Ted give a homily at a church or speak at a pro-life event, but Father doesn’t feel that he has much [...]

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