“Hey Anita, would you do a review of this book? I was supposed to do it but I don’t have the time.”

“Sure!” I said, and dumped the book into my purse.

On the way home that evening, riding on the subway, I started reading. The book, Secret Child by Nancy Moore, captured my attention right from the first line: “You’re pregnant.” By the second page I felt the sadness and loneliness that Nancy had felt when her child was given away. By the eighteenth page I was trying to cover up the tears that were drenching my eyes and face. I found myself praying that night for all lonely, hurting mothers. Hoping that all who couldn’t keep their babies, would have the strength, to give their child to someone who wanted him or her – instead of getting an abortion.

The next day after work I read more of the book, I was closer to the middle now. Nancy was growing in her faith. Every day was interesting and new. She learned much by trusting and following God. She learned to work at being content in every situation. And found much comfort in reading Psalm 37, especially the line “Trust in the Lord, depend on Him and He will give you your hearts desire.” Many times the Lord granted her miracles, but sometimes her prayers weren’t answered. She didn’t know why but she knew she had to keep her eyes on Jesus, the Healer, not on the healings, on the Giver, not the gifts. God delivered her from many miseries and worries but in spite of her faith and her many blessings she still felt a great loneliness for the child she had to give away. ‘Where was he? Was he still alive? Was he a druggy like so many kids she had seen in the big cities? What did he look like?

It seemed like the sadness of her “lost” child would never leave. But then… the sorrow turned into laughter! The sadness inside her washed away. Tears of joy flowed in my eyes as God miraculously took the stain of sadness out of her life. My happiness overwhelmed me as the plot unfolded and the beauty of the story was revealed. Nancy’s first son was finally reunited with her after 27 years! Nancy wrote in the beginning of chapter 12 a piece from Joel 2:

“I will restore for you the years that the locust has eaten…praise the name of the Lord your God who has dealt wondrously with you.”

This book I suggest for all. It is a book that makes hope a reality. It’s a book that describes love in the purest, holiest, most innocent, and selfless way…the way God made love to be. Nancy wrote in her first letter to her son:

“I want you to know you were never a mistake in the Lord’s eyes; he lovingly formed you and has cared for you all these years.”

Nancy had prayed for her son a lot, and it filled her with joy to know that God fulfilled His promise to her with joy to know that God fulfilled His promise to her and took care of her son.

This is an excellent book for adopted children to read, to help them understand that it is not at all easy to give up a child that you had delivered. Nancy states her feelings upon having her child taken from her.

“My child as gone. A part of me died that day and lay like a cold, ugly stone, heavy upon my heart.”

For all those contemplating abortion or giving their child up for adoption this book gives inside information on the subject, is a true, honest way. From Nancy’s feelings, it’s obvious that giving up a child for adoption isn’t easy. But the comfort of knowing you didn’t kill your baby is worth the pain.

This book does not only shed light on the issue of adoption versus abortion but it is also a good hand book for living a true and faithful life. It teaches us to think of others before ourselves and to always hope and believe Jesus when He says “all things turn to the good for those who love Me.”

Secret Child is available at R.G. Mitchell Family Books, Toronto.