Abortion advocates

Abortion advocates afraid to have the discussion

Editor's Note: This originally appeared at Activate CFPL and is reprinted with permission. The following was submitted as an opinion editorial to the Kelowna Capital News, who did not return calls or emails, and subsequently the Kelowna Daily Courier, who have put us off until as late as today with a consideration to publish. This week is Protect Human Life Week in [...]

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Pro-abort violence vs. pro-lifers

One of our August stories, "Increase pro-abortion violence against pro-lifers" is now online. It begins: Over the past three months, pro-life activists have been physically assaulted by abortion supporters, a sign, pro-lifers say, that their message is hitting a nerve. The story features chocolate milk.

2012-08-03T18:21:40-04:00August 3, 2012|Soconvivium|

Doris Anderson dies at 85

Canada’s leftist, media and feminist establishments fell over themselves in praise of what they described as a leading Canadian “champion of women’s rights,” following her death on March 2 at the age of 85. Doris Anderson was a magazine editor, author and campaigner for women’s rights – and also a virulent agitator in favour of abortion. A woman who ironically lived in [...]

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