In search of new ‘cadres’ for a Canadian renewal

Can the mutual interests of the regions lead to a decentralized Canada? By Mark Wegierski Regionalization is a possible solution to Canada’s current-day crisis. Whether one calls them infrastructures or “cadres,” conservatives in Canada today are greatly in need of them. A truly consummate politician is able to utilize the self-interest of disparate groupings to work towards some common goal that only [...]

2021-07-04T20:14:13-04:00July 4, 2021|Soconvivium|

In Search of Canadian Identity

  Canada, which Pat Buchanan once called a “Soviet Canuckistan,” certainly has some serious problems combating the ceaseless self-undermining of its military forces and traditions, but it is also having at least as difficult a time defining a coherent identity for itself. For example, there have been frequent calls to eliminate the traditional oath to Queen Elizabeth and her heirs and successors, [...]

2019-07-01T13:28:58-04:00July 1, 2019|Soconvivium|

In search of true federalism in Canada — Old Canada, New Canada, and ‘Canada Three’

By Mark Wegierski It is argued that strengthening the provinces and regions in Canada may lead to a more balanced society. While there is no returning to the Old Canada which existed “before the ‘60s,” it is possible that the “New Canada” could reach out to incorporate some better aspects of the Old Canada, to create a new synthesis, “Canada Three,” rather [...]

2018-06-28T14:19:38-04:00June 29, 2018|Soconvivium|
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