Fads, fallacies, and flags

Commentary St. Jerome’s University, in Waterloo, Ont., and purportedly a Catholic institution, has decided to fly the LGBTQ flag on its campus to celebrate “Pride” month. Interim President Scott Kline, whose term began on July 1, 2019, defended the action as a way of sending the message that “all are welcome in this place.” The immediate reaction to the move has shown [...]

You gave me what I wanted. You ruined my life.

Law Matters John Carpay In AB v. CD,the BC Court of Appeal ruled that a female-born minor who wants to become a man can continue taking puberty blockers and testosterone against the objections of the child’s father. I wonder about the conversations that transgender adults may one day have with the judges who authorized them as children to pursue irreversible [...]

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Pride cometh before a fall

Josie Luetke It may just be my impression, but this past Pride Month seemed particularly vociferous. On numerous occasions, socially conservative friends and coworkers dutifully noted: “Pride cometh before the fall.” Now, I mean no offense to them and believe they were just offering a sincere warning, but it’s easy to see how this verse could be recited proudly, as [...]

Court action exposes GSAs as ideological clubs

Law Matters John Carpay In March of 2015, Alberta’s Progressive Conservative government rushed a bill through the legislature in a matter of hours, requiring every school in Alberta to set up a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at a student’s request. Politicians promised the public that GSAs would merely be peer support groups, not political clubs that advocate for an ideology. Four years [...]

Governments cannot discriminate

John Carpay The free society is undermined by the progressive, politically correct claim that the many Canadians who hold traditional or religious views about sexuality are “hateful.” The notion that only post-modernist beliefs about sexual behaviour can be expressed in the public square is an enemy of authentic diversity. A real-life example of an attack on the free society is [...]

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U.S. Supreme Court upholds religious freedom, whereas Canadian Court does not

Rory Leishman In a significant seven-to-two ruling in Masterpiece Cake Shop Ltd. v. Colorado on June 4, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a ruling by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that a Christian baker had no right in law to refuse on grounds of sincere religious conviction to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. That baker can count himself [...]

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Ten reasons to reject Wynne’s sex education curriculum

As the Ontario government gets ready to bring back the radical sex education curriculum for Ontario’s children, here are ten reasons why parents should reject it in spite of the political correctness propaganda that supports it. Children don’t need to know all the mechanics of sex before they are emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually old enough to understand what they are being [...]

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Prentice government withdraws Bill 10

Jim Prentice sought to balance gay rights and parental rights, but withdrew the bill following criticism it was not pro-gay enough. The new Progressive Conservative government of Jim Prentice in Alberta proposed Bill 10, a law that would give students the right to create gay-straight alliance clubs in their schools and downgrade the right of parents to withdraw their children [...]

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Ottawa 11-year-olds plan gay club at Catholic elementary school

Two eleven-year-old girls from Ottawa are planning to start a “gay-straight alliance” club at their Catholic elementary school after the Ottawa Catholic School Board recently approved their controversial project on “gay rights” amidst national media coverage. Homosexual activist Jeremy Dias, founder of Jer’s Vision, who had lunch with the girls after the story hit the headlines, was instrumental in encouraging them to [...]

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Olympics to become more gay friendly

On Dec. 8, the International Olympic Committee unanimously approved a wide-ranging package of 40 recommendations, the Olympic Agenda 2020, that includes a rewording of its anti-discrimination Principle 6 clause to include a reference to “sexual orientation” as a protected category. The Principle 6 clause of the Olympic Charter will be amended to state that “any form of discrimination with regard to a [...]

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Light is Right Joe Campbell I’ve tried, really I have, but I can’t understand why, as a society, we discriminate so aggressively against homosexuals. Rare is he, or she, who at some point in life does not need help for mental, physical or spiritual disorders, if not all three. But when homosexuals need help, we deny or ignore afflictions that [...]

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The Feds promote gender diversity and homosexuality in sex ed

Despite education being a provincial responsibility, the Canadian federal government has issued guidelines on how to structure a sex education program. The latest 2008 update of Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education, published by the Public Health Agency, which reports to the minister of health, is intended to be a “framework” for drafting curricula for Canadians of all ages, including children and [...]

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HIV drug combo: game-changer or same old game?

A new drug regimen could displace the single-minded promotion of condoms, which has dominated HIV/AIDS prevention efforts for the past three decades. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) consists of daily doses of two antiretroviral drugs taken by people who are not currently infected with HIV. PrEP has several implications for the pro-life and pro-family movement. First, it would seem a boon in general to [...]

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EnCourage interview

Radio Teopoli has an interview with Alan Yoshioka, a former gay activist and now a member of Courage, and his wife, Theresa Yoshioka. They are co-facilitators of EnCourage Toronto which seeks to meet the spiritual needs of family members and other loved ones of persons with same-sex attraction. Alan's is a beautiful story of the work of Grace in one's life. And [...]

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Discussing same-sex attraction

In our January edition, Theresa Yoshioka writes about "A challenge to abundant life," which Mark Shea calls "a highly intelligent, sensitive, and deeply Catholic piece on the obligation of the Church to reach out to and welcome same-sex attracted persons as human beings called by Jesus Christ." It is worth clicking on the link and reading the comments, including Theresa's responses.

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