Pro-life activism

A holistic approach to the pro-life philosophy

Being pro-life is far more than just being about the protection of the dignity and rights of the unborn child. It’s also about addressing the spiritual, emotional and psychological health of men and women in our culture. That was the message brought to Ontario earlier this year as Camille de Blasi Pauley, co-founder and president of the Healing the Culture organization, spoke [...]

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Capilano College pro-lifers take case before B.C. rights tribunal

The pro-life club at Capilano College in British Columbia is seeing a ray of hope as the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal decides to take on a complaint filed in June. Minerva Macapagal, president of the club, filed the complaint after pro-life students were twice denied club status, once in March 2006 and again last December. The club in waiting is called Capilano [...]

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Pray for my neighbours

Sweet Smell of Roses Early in the morning on one of my first days at Aid to Women, I opened the back door from our second-floor kitchen. With the front windows also open, I was hoping to create a cross-breeze to reduce the hot, humid air. My immediate effect was to scatter a flock of starlings. I sipped my morning coffee and [...]

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