And then there was this – June 2022

Population collapse in South Korea In the May issue, editor Paul Tuns wrote about “the social consequences of the housing affordability crisis” in Canada. A look into similar problems in South Korea, outlined by the Population Research Institute (Athan Clark, “Sunset in South Korea”), might give Canadians pause at the direction our country is going. Koreans very rarely marry and have children. [...]

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Bishop bars Pelosi from Communion

Oswald Clark: On May 20, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone wrote to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, whose congressional district is in the prelate’s archdiocese, to inform her that as a pro-abortion politician she can no longer present herself for Holy Communion when she is in San Francisco. He wrote that the Roman Catholic Church has been “clear and [...]

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Conservatives, Liberals oppose Bloc motion to end parliamentary prayer

Interim Staff: On May 10, the Bloc Québecois put forward a motion to eliminate the daily morning prayer that begins the House of Commons proceedings. It was defeated the next day in a 266-56 vote, with Conservative and Liberal MPs voting against the motion, while the Bloc and majority of NDP MPs voting to support it. According to the House of Commons [...]

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Trudeau may enshrine abortion in Canada

Interim Staff: In the aftermath of the leaked Dobbs decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government would “move forward as necessary on ensuring that not just under this government but under any future government the rights of women are properly protected.” Trudeau insisted that the majority of MPs “will always defend women’s rights and if [...]

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Debating teenage transgenderism

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine – formerly Richard Levine – told NPR that “There is no argument among medical professionals … about the value and importance of gender-affirming care” for children and adolescents. Really? Was Levine being dishonest or is he (willfully) ignorant? There is, in fact, a great deal of debate on such matters, with many European nations putting [...]

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Men claiming to be female allowed in women’s prisons

Interim Staff: A new directive from Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) states that biological males who “identify” as “women” are now allowed to be transferred from a men’s prison to a women’s facility if given approval by the assistant commissioner for correctional operations and programs. The new policy, released May 11 and titled “Commissioner’s Directive 100 Gender Diverse Offenders,” states that inmate [...]

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The Sovereignty of the Unqualified

Commentary - Donald DeMarco: “The sovereignty of the unqualified” is a bon mot that belongs to the Spanish existentialist Ortega y Gasset. It appears in his 1933 classic, The Revolt of the Masses. The clash between civilization and rule by the masses is a perennial problem. In his book Man Against Mass Society, the French existentialist Gabriel Marcel states that “the masses are [...]

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‘Expert’ report on euthanasia and mental illness offers no clear guidelines

Paul Tuns: The 136-page Final Report of the Expert Panel on MAiD and Mental Illness was submitted to Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos and Justice Minister David Lametti on May 6. Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said, “similar to previous ‘expert’ reports the Expert Panel offers recommendations but few clear guidelines.” He explained, “the 19 recommendations for implementing MAiD [...]

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America’s overturning

In 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision that has lived in infamy. Setting aside the history and traditions of that country, the longer legacies of common law, and the will of the people as established by their own legislatures, the seven justices who endorsed the majority opinion of Roe v. Wade imposed a regime that menaced [...]

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May 2022 – And Then There Was This…

Latin America celebrates life Every year, a number of Latin American countries celebrate their National March for Life with music, festivals, parades and lots of colour. This usually takes place at or near March 25, celebrated by Christians as the Feast of the Annunciation when Mary consented to become the mother of Our Lord. This day is also called and commemorated as [...]

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Religious Freedom wins in Finland

Interim Staff: A Helsinki court acquitted former Finnish Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen and Juhana Pohjola, the bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland, of inciting hatred against homosexuals with their defenses of traditional Christian teaching about the sinfulness of homosexual activity. The unanimous ruling was released on March 30. The charges against Räsänen related to her comments in [...]

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Parallel societies

AndrewLawton: A silly old cartoon came across my social media feeds the other day for the bajillionth time. In it, two people stand at opposite sides of a number drawn on the ground. One thinks it’s a ‘6’ while the other thinks it’s a ‘9’. The moral is supposed to be that perspective matters (though some variations take the relativist view that [...]

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Pro-life groups mark 50 years of Rockefeller Commission report

Paul Tuns: On Mach 27, the 50th anniversary of the Rockefeller Commission on Population Growth and the American Future, more than 30 pro-life leaders condemned the report and the mentality behind it, and urged Washington lawmakers to respect human life from the moment of conception. The Commission was created by Congress after being requested by President Richard Nixon in the aftermath of [...]

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Biden budget funding abortion in U.S., abroad

Oswald Clark: The Biden administration’s proposed 2023 budget, released March 28, did not include the Hyde Amendment which prohibits federal taxpayer dollars from being used through Medicaid or government-employee benefits programs to pay for abortions except to save the life of the woman or in cases of rape or incest. The proposed 2023 budget also included a funding increase for the United [...]

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British Columbia nixes gender-specific words from laws

Interim Staff : Under the “Better Regulations for British Columbia” initiative, provincial bureaucrats in B.C. are obligated to take an annual inventory of government regulations to excise any instances of “gendered language.” After removing more than 600 such terms in 2021, it excised 741 more “instances of outdated gendered language” in 138 regulations this year. The changes took effect on March 30. [...]

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