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School Board denies child abuse education is hazardous to family

An increasing number of Catholic parents are alarmed by the decision of the Metro (Toronto) Separate School Board (MSSB) to make a child sexual abuse awareness and prevention program compulsory in all of its elementary schools. Almost thirty parents—many of them couples—attended a meeting September 13 at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Scarborough, Ontario to hear Women for Faith and Family president [...]

2009-08-27T12:31:24-06:00August 27, 1989|Society & Culture|

TV – blessing or curse

My usual perusal of the morning paper – the Globe and Mail – consists of a hurried glance at the headlines and the reading of articles, which appear to be of special interest to me.  But on Monday, April 24, I had more time to spare over my morning coffee, so I spent longer than usual and noted the articles which portrayed [...]

2009-08-25T07:37:49-06:00August 25, 1989|Issues|
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