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Charlton Heston, RIP

BEVERLY HILLS – Charlton Heston, the legendary actor and rare conservative voice in Hollywood, passed away April 7 at the age of 84 with Lydia, his wife of 64 years, by his side. Although a cause of death was not reported, in 2002 he made it public that he was diagnosed with neurological symptoms “consistent with Alzheimer’s disease.” Heston starred in The Ten [...]

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Trujillo was one of the great defenders of human life

The pro-life community is honouring one of their most resolute members in the Vatican, Alfonso Cardinal Trujillo, who died April 19 at the age of 72. Ordained in 1960 in Bogota, Colombia, Trujillo had served as the president of the Pontifical Council for the Family since his appointment by the late Pope John Paul II in 1990. Pope Benedict XVI wrote to [...]

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Troubling trends on euthanasia in Europe

Recently, there have been some disturbing trends in Europe towards fewer restrictions on euthanasia and assisted suicide. Pressures also are appearing to establish a “right” to be killed. Euthanasia and assisted suicide were legalized in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2002. The Netherlands had effectively legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide by the decree of the courts in 1985, with the 2002 legalization [...]

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Radical constitutional measures imposed on Kosovo

A team of American and European pro-life non-governmental organizations have met with top Kosovo officials to discuss problems with the draft constitution for the newly forming state. The team, which was led by Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) vice-president Susan Yoshihara, met with the president of Kosovo and the speaker of the Parliament, along with other members of Parliament. These [...]

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Poem tugs on the heartstrings

Father Ted Scholarship winner Editor’s note: This month, we are pleased to publish the second of three winning essays in the Father Ted Colleton Scholarship contest. Senior high school students were invited to reflect on the pro-life nature of any work of art. Each winner received a $1,000 scholarship and all entrants (more than 30 of them this year) received a token [...]

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John-Henry Westen – from indifferent atheist to pro-life news provider

With the advent of the internet and the new media, many pro-life activists have become familiar with the name John-Henry Westen and Westen is a veteran pro-life journalist who has authored thousands of articles touching upon faith, family, marriage, the right to life and public affairs. His guest appearances on many television and radio shows throughout North America include Fox News’s [...]

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Abortion numbers released

Statistics Canada released the 2005 abortion numbers on May 21 and they revealed that surgical abortions declined 3.2 per cent from 2004 to 96,815 abortions nation-wide. The abortion rate edged down from 14.6 for every 1,000 women of child-bearing age (15-44) to 14.1. The rate declined for all age groups except 35-39 year olds, which remained the same. Campaign Life Coalition national [...]

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Reining in the human rights commission industry

In recent months, the media have finally begun covering the goings-on of human rights commissions, thanks to separate complaints by different Muslims against Ezra Levant (the former publisher of The Western Standard), Maclean’s magazine and now the Halifax Chronicle-Herald newspaper. It took a complaint against one of their own tribe for journalists to finally wake up to the danger that this country’s [...]

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Hamilton RTL files complaint

Tony Gosgnach Assistant Editor Following in the footsteps of several Canadian university campuses that have attempted to squelch the pro-life point of view, the city of Hamilton earlier this year removed pro-life advertisements from its bus shelters, claiming they were “inappropriate” and “controversial.” But now, the Hamilton Right to Life organization is fighting back. The local pro-life group has filed a complaint [...]

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Gibbons arrested for pro-life witness

Pro-life photographer harassed by cops Long-time Canadian pro-life activist Linda Gibbons was arrested May 15 after silently protesting at the Scott abortuary on Gerrard Street in downtown Toronto. Just before 9 a.m., Gibbons dumped approximately 100 headless plastic dolls on the steps of the abortion facility. She carried a sign with a picture of a baby and the question, “Why mom?“ Gibbons [...]

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Plan B to be available on pharmacy shelves

A federal pharmacy advisory panel has recommended that the “morning-after” pill be available on store shelves instead of behind the counter. The move means women, including adolescents, will be able to purchase the high dose birth control pill without either a doctor’s prescription or a pharmacist’s oversight. The pill has been available directly from a pharmacist without a doctor’s prescription since 2005. [...]

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Startling revelations found in Morgentaler’s letter to Trudeau

Pro-lifers have long known that the Canadian political elite of the 1960s and 1970s was strongly in favour of abortion, at least in principle. After all, it was a Liberal government - supported by a liberal media - that first legalized the practice in 1969. But Canadians now know that those elites supported abortion, not just in principle, but in practice as [...]

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Anti-life agitator gets corporate support

When the Canadian National March for Life held it’s candlelight vigil at the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights Monument in Ottawa in 2006, an individual named Jeremy Dias led a gaggle of demonstrators against the event and then played it up for the cameras when television news crews came on the scene. Since then, Dias has come to prominence with “Jer’s Vision” [...]

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Aboard Stephane Dion’s bus

Frank, what are you planning to do?” “I’m going to Ottawa on Stéphane Dion’s bus tomorrow morning.” “Dear, this isn’t one of those crazy trips you take in order to sabotage the Liberal party, is it?” “Ileen, how can you say a thing like that? Duty calls. The Interim wants an in-depth interview with Dion. I shall try to determine if Dion [...]

2009-12-30T07:07:56-06:00June 30, 2008|Columnist, Frank Kennedy|

Public funding for trash

Every time the issue of removing or qualifying public funding of the arts is discussed in Canada, the liberal classes throw up a smoke-screen of confusion. It is the imposition of values, they argue, and a form of censorship that will stifle creativity. Let’s be bold and honest here. Most contemporary writers and especially artists and television directors are about [...]

2009-12-30T07:06:06-06:00June 30, 2008|Columnist, Michael Coren|
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