By Margaret Bright
The Interim

They say the future of the pro-life movement lays in the hands of our young people. One hundred young adults kept this in mind as they attended the eleventh annual Youth Pro-Life Conference held in Surrey, British Columbia last weekend. After a few “break-the-ice” games and prayer led by Fr. Tom Lynch of St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto, delegates listened to eight inspirational, educational talks on how to understand and defend the pro-life position, and how to be a part of the pro-life movement.

The first speaker Campaign Life Coalition B.C. President John Hof. Before showing a video called The Hard Truth, he warned, “I am passing you this torch. But it is hard to stand up for if your heart hasn’t been broken” by the horror of abortion.

Conference attendees were also told about post-abortion syndrome. “Trying to get over an abortion is like trying to hold a beach ball under water,” Nancy de Vries explained.

On the topic of chastity, Marsha Frosheim encouraged young people, “Let us call on the Lord with pure hearts, see the freedoms in abstinence,”

Sessions on in vitro fertilization and the Genocide Awareness Project rounded out the program.

Moving from education to activism, delegates stood outside for an hour on a cold autumn Saturday holding pro-life signs. One commented on how moving it was to see such a positive reaction from ordinary people over a little sign that says, “Thanks Mom, I got born.”

Participants in the conference were flooded with valuable information and in general had a fun and inspiring experience. After a powerful praise session with the rock band, Thirsty, it would have been hard for anyone to leave unmoved or unchanged.