The struggle faced by pro-life secondary students on their campuses can be frustrating and disheartening, especially when faced alone. The National Campus Life Network (NCLN) has recently been established to ensure that these young adults have the support they require to bring the message of life to their peers on their campus.

On the weekend of January 10-12, a gathering of about 40 young people convened in Blessed Sacrament parish in Toronto for a national pro-life young symposium. The delegates from across the country attended presentations from leaders in the pro-life movement and exchanged ideas about running pro-life campus groups. Out of an atmosphere of optimism and energy was conceived the desire to establish a network to link pro-life students and groups from campuses all over the country in order to coordinate the fight against the prevailing culture of death that manifests itself in this country, especially through abortion and euthanasia.

At the behest of Father Tom Lynch, the National Campus Life Network was conceived on January 23 at the follow-u meeting to the national leadership symposium. Vanya Gobbi, its newly elected coordinating director and her collaborators Paul Lee, Mike Connell, and Alex Vernon sought to build on the momentum picked up at the symposium, and form a nucleus around which the National Network would coalesce.

Vanna Gobbi is from Prince George, B.C. and is currently studying at the Scarborough Campus of the University of Toronto. She is staying in Toronto during the summer to continue her work with NCLN.

Our mission is to build a society in which every human life is protected nurtured and celebrated from conception to natural death. Our primary focus is to help establish and provide a support network for pro-life groups on all Canadian university campuses. Additionally, we propose to keep our members aware of developments across the country through our bulletin and e-mail. We propose to make the national symposium an annual event to develop the skills to effectively work on campus, and to build up a strong network of young adults.

The National Campus Life Network bulletin will be produced three times a year to inform members of any new developments with NCLN. To update members on the status of any national young adult initiatives, and to encourage members to keep up their fight against the culture of death. Members are invited to send articles, pictures, poems, or even simple updates on their group to appear in the bulletin.

Next January in Toronto we can look forward to an interactive, informative, and enthusiastic symposium. The focus of the symposium will be to prepare Canada’s young people to face the challenges of running an effective campus pro-life group, to facilitate the exchange of their ideas, and to establish and initiate national pro-life strategies. For more information please contact the coordinating director, Vanya.

Like any volunteer organization, NCLN’s impact will largely depend on the resources put at our disposition. Mailings, telecommunications, and event organizing do take money, but more importantly, it requires time to organize. Our coordinator, Vanya, does much of her work with NCLN on a volunteer basis. We felt it was necessary to compensate her with an honorarium for her extra role, to ensure that she will be able to continue to devote the time and effort to achieving NCLN’s goals.

Fundraising will take lace on a national level. Any donations/fundraising efforts on behalf of the National Campus Life Network are greatly appreciated.

To join us I the fight for the culture of life, contact: Vanya Gobbi, National Campus Life Network, 700 – 120 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto, ON., M4P 1E2, (416) 622-9271, Cheques are payable to National Campus life Network (NCLN).