The Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization (CYPLO) will be hosting the IV International youth Pro-Life Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on September 4-6 (Labour Day Weekend), 1987.  The even will be co-sponsored by the American Youth Pro-Life.  The two organizations will be working together to attract young pro-lifers from all around the world for a weekend together in order to renew their commitment to re-affirm their common goals and unity, and to pool their ideas and resources.

This event will be the fourth of its nature, preceding conferences having been held in Cologne, West Germany, Dublin, Ireland, and Barcelona, Spain.

Delegates are expected from Canada, the United States, Mexico, South and Central America, Spain, Germany, France, England, Ireland and Africa.  Experts and world renowned pro-life activists from Canada and the United States will give lectures seminars and will lead workshops on a variety of pro-life concerns including fetology, in vitro fertilization, abortion aftermath, infanticide, euthanasia, organizing, lobbying and fundraising.

The conference will allow young people to learn from the work of pro-lifers from around the world.  In addition to this unique educational opportunity, the international conference provides a forum through which young people can demonstrate to themselves and to others that the youth pro-life movement is making a positive dynamic statement for life and that as a force, the movement is growing and will continue to grow.