Thank God for the “ferocious opposition” from the pro-family and pro-life voters to introducing the absurd project of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario Liberal government to implement a controversial sex education curriculum teaching Grade 3 children about homosexuality and Grade 7 children about anal and oral sex. Can polygamy and bestiality be far behind? All these crucial issues without going to the electorate for their voice to be heard.

Fearing a colossal election defeat, it caused Dalton to run for cover. The Ontario Liberals ended up with a minority government in the October election, squeaking in, holding only a one seat advantage. Dalton ignores this fact and still acts like he’s the King of the Castle.

In a recent Maclean’s magazine column by Emma Teitel entitled “Birds, Bees and Poisonous Rhetoric,” the author accuses Charles McVety, president of Canada’s Christian College of influencing “lefty” school boards in trying to prevent the brainwashing of kids as young as six to believe they can “change their gender.” They’re not trying to “change their gender” because no one was ever born a homosexual but some people are sexually attracted to that lifestyle. They cannot “change their gender” because gender is immutable even after you’ve had medical “treatment.”

I have close young male relatives who were straight as a flagpole, but I believe they were influenced by what they read and convinced by people who hit on them that homosexuality was the way to go. No one would dispute that you are what you eat. An over-intake of food over a short period of time is a sure recipe for putting on the pounds and you don’t have to look in the mirror to notice it. If you have a heavy diet of hardcore porn film over the years you certainly are not going to be hunkering to watch Song of Bernadette. Enough gay propaganda will get a guy doubting himself.

Emma Teitel thinks – along with Dalton McGuinty – that you can throw school children from grades 3 to 8 into a homosexual teaching scene without giving accidentally or tacitly approving of the gay lifestyle.

Teitel calls Barbara Kay, a columnist with the National Post “right-wing” because she argues against talking to young kids about trans-sexuality, which entails having an operation to alter sexual characteristics to those of the opposite sex. Why do kids in elementary school need to about an unnecessary operation like that? Kay rightly believes that it will result in the “betrayal of children’s right to biological confidence.”

Early on in Teitel’s article she calls that kind of thinking by Kay “left” and brought about by “lefty” school boards across Canada that are brainwashing kids as young as six to believe they can, according to Charles McVety “change their gender.” What is Barbara Kay? She can’t be accused in the same article of being both – following the left-wing agenda and the right-wing agenda at the same time?

The Maclean’s columnist drags up a misunderstanding of McVety’s “change their gender” comment which means normal birth results in a male or female offspring. Teitel claims in the article that gender dysphoria and homosexuality aren’t contagious; they’re God-given. Gender dysphoria is now described as “a condition for which medical treatment is appropriate in some cases.” However everybody is aware of the spread of AIDS by sexual contact and it is certainly contagious and I’d have to puff a lot of that strange tobacco not to believe that. A God-given religion presents a map where we should be going. It saves a lot of guessing.

I just love that wonderful recent picture poster of that doe-eyed little girl looking right into your heart from The Institute for Canadian Values saying: “PLEASE! Don’t confuse me – I’M A GIRL!” that ran in the Toronto Sun and the National Post (before they banned it). Maclean’s ran only a snippet of the poster with the column but what a power house it is. A great picture is worth more than a thousand words.