Former Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae, a vocal abortion advocate, is not fondly remembered for his “Rae Days” that introduced the unpopular, controversial public sector wage cuts he implemented in the ‘90s. As interim leader of the federal Liberal Party, Rae gleefully greeted Lise St-Denis, former Shawinigan federal NDP member who defected to the Liberal federal caucus because the late NDP leader, Jack Layton, an avid pro-abortionist, got her elected and Jack was dead.

It’s hard to find much difference in views held by the old-line parties: they’re all pro-abortion, pro-same sex “marriage” and pro-paganism – with the notable exceptions of a handful of pro-life MPs (mostly from the Conservative backbenches).

Woodworth challenges critics to provide medical evidence proving that we do not become human beings until birth. In December, Woodworth cited British common law that stipulates a child only becomes a “human being” once he or she has fully proceeded from the womb.

Woodworth maintains that section 223 of Canada’s Criminal Code originated in British common law at least 400 years ago, and perhaps as long ago as nine centuries. He contends that the section deserves re-examination in light of advances in medical science and human rights protections.

Shannon Dea, co-president of Planned Parenthood Waterloo, argued in the Waterloo Recordthat medical science “is irrelevant to the question of when a fetus becomes a human being – that matter is a legal and philosophical one, not a medical one.” Oh?

Woodworth says he wants to hear pro-abortion advocates’ reasons for why the unborn ought not to be deemed human beings. Woodworth will decide shortly whether to consider a private members bill, make a motion calling for a debate or some other way to promote this. His efforts are being backed by numerous pro-life and faith-based groups, including Campaign Life Coalition, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Life Canada, and the Catholic Civil Rights League.

The most helpless “people” in the world are those in the womb of a woman. In most cases these pre-born people are happy to be there and their care for many of them is usually up to the Ritz Hotel standards. Their approximate nine-month lease for the burgeoning tenants’ departure is usually greeted excitedly by their closest relatives and friends.This is the ideal scenario but it doesn’t always occur. Sometimes these tenants have problems not of their own making that have to be addressed. They find themselves unwanted for many reasons. These are the trials and challenges of parenting that are better assumed by others.

There are tenants in the womb that don’t enjoy the same happy situation. They, blamelessly, are treated as intruders, lacking the hospitality that other tenants receive and often their lives are threatened – or worse.

Linda Gibbons is a dedicated, cheerful pro-life mother who has spent a life-time addressing these demanding situations inside prisons and outside on the streets peacefully trying to tell the world what she has seen going on.

Recently Linda was still an inmate in the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, Ont., a small town near Toronto, when she was told that a seven-month pregnant inmate, Eva Okello, was being pressured to have an abortion and being held in a segregated cell. Linda launched the campaign to save the baby and help the mother.

A staff member of Campaign Life Coalition was sent to meet Okello, who said that she was being pressured to have an abortion and when she refused she was put into a segregated cell and fed only bread and water. When this tactic failed, Okello was pressured by the prison doctor into having an “early induction.” Okello refused, stating that she wanted a natural birth for her baby.

Media exposure was also arranged resulting in the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington writing a super column about Okello’s plight on Nov. 3. Congratulations to the Toronto Sun for the great help they were. Okello had been sentenced to eight months for illegally practicing nursing in Canada. Okello had been a nurse in Kenya but her credentials were not recognized in Canada. As Warmington said, she might have deserved to be punished but her baby did not.

Good news!. Okello did not have an abortion or an early induction but gave birth normally on Nov. 19, a month before her due date, possibly because of stress and limited diet she endured. Okello now has a beautiful daughter, her third child. Mother and daughter are doing fine. Not all of us have a royal birthing experience, but we all have the right to life.