I bet faithful readers want to know what the dirty five-letter word is. My wife Ileen was doing a crossword puzzle recently and she asked me for a five-letter word meaning “biased.” Instantly, I replied, “CBC TV. See if that fits.”

John Grierson, the Englishman who invented the “documentary” back in the 1940s, is famous for making Adolf Hitler “dance.” Hitler was filmed doing a joyous hop as he strutted through the Arc de Triomph during World War II. Grierson got hold of the film clip and proceeded to repeat the “hop” again and again. So there was Hitler doing a crazy jig! If you didn’t think that Hitler was crazy after that, there was something the matter with your eyesight.

This “revised” news reel was widely circulated by British intelligence in the West and created gales of laughter in cinemas all over the world. Goodbye Hitler the invincible, hello Hitler the “crazy” who had lost his marbles.

In wartime, remember, it is generally accepted that the first casualty of war is truth. This is not wartime, but there is a battle going on between those who want to dispatch the unborn and those who would like to save them. According to their pro-abortion agenda, the CBC is determined to give millions of viewers a distorted picture of the issue.

The recent CBC documentary on anti-abortion violence joined two separate clips of an interview with Campaign Life Coalition president Jim Hughes, which had the effect of making him out to be in favour of a group in the U.S. who considers killing abortionists “justifiable homicide!”

This perverse piece of propaganda would have made Goebbels envious. The CBC gave a Toronto abortuary manager five times the two minutes allotted to Jim Hughes for a rebuttal – and this was all the pro-life representation in the piece.

The editing and splicing made pro-lifers the bad guys. There was even a feeble attempt to tie pro-lifers to the U.S. militia movement. Thousands of pro-lifers in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. were totally ignored for snips of tiny fringe groups doing their thing.

I suspect that the only reason that a CBC crew turned up to interview Jim Hughes for two hours was to use him as a punching bag. Certainly the only time Campaign Life Coalition makes it onto the tube is when the pro-aborts are mounting a smear campaign. There should have been a disclaimer at the beginning of the documentary: “Script by Henry Morgentaler. Paid for by the people of Canada.”

Grierson was a man of integrity. He would never have imagined a peacetime application of his Hitler’s jig. But this is the era of Forrest Gump and Titanic where movie stars can be inserted into actual news reels convincingly, and computer generated passengers can jump off the stern of the Titanic and never have to take out a membership card in Equity.

I got a tip recently that CBC is now doing a documentary on Jim Hughes himself. They’ve got hold of an old newsreel of Jim with one arm around Adolf Hitler.