Yes, I decided to come out of the closet. I am all for choice. However I am not a narrow-minded ‘choicer’ like some people I know. I am for choice for everybody! When I am golfing, for example, I want to have the choice whether to use a seven iron or a nine iron. (Not that it will make any difference anyway.) It’s just a matter of choice. I am also in favour of elected politicians having a free choice on how to vote. (This is a position held by all parties – while out of power.)

I am in favour of choice when it comes to selecting the school where you dear parents would like to send your child. It is EVERYBODY’S tax dollars. It doesn’t belong exclusively to one club. (I just don’t want the school built over my back fence.)

What wacko coined the phrase “Bigger is better!” A “better” school for many parents is when you provide a Christian witness, teaching and atmosphere – even if it’s held in a subway entrance. Unless your choice is your local Harry Potter Public School with their curriculum.. Good luck to you! It’s your choice.

Choice in schools calls for old-fashioned competition which is nothing more than fighting a monopoly. If one school system isn’t providing for what the parent wants for their child, it may be time to shop around.

Premier Mike Harris reminds me of taking your car to a mechanic for a minor problem and it never runs worth a darn afterwards. The Ontario public school system may have needed tuning up but it didn’t a body transplant. Instituting silly tests that can be “cooked” by playful students, eliminating taxing powers for the school boards which made it impossible for them to pay their ever increasing bills, the list goes on. (Please, I know what it’s like, being a former trustee.)

Shrinking the number of trustees (on-the-ground taxpayers reps) down to how many you can get in a Volkswagen, fowling up the curriculum, pitting well educated parents’ kids schools against not-so-fortunate kids schools, creating turmoil in the classrooms, giving school librarians the hook, extra-curricular becomes something you read about in books, fostering school strikes, dirtying up schools, sending out confusing messages to the school kids….

Other than that, Mike, you’ve done a great job.

Is it true that you brought a team of experts from Afghanistan to shape up our school system?

If there are no choices for school selections we may end up with the system they have in the oil industry! Four major oil companies run things.

Competition (Hey! Let’s call it choice) keeps the prices down. But what happens when it becomes collusion? Who benefits when there is no choice? The oil industry. Imperial Oil, Shell Canada, Petro-Canada, and Suncor Energy, and they made $3.6 BILLION in 2000. This was more than double their $1.6 billion last year. U.S.-based Exxon Mobil Corp., parent of Imperial, made $27 billion, the biggest profit in U.S. corporate history! (They’ll be able to put something aside for a rainy day but I’m not sure about us.) How can there be any shortage of oil when all they have to do is turn the tap off and on at will? It’s just in a desert kingdom floating happily on an ocean of oil. But we don’t have much choice – it’s either put the gas in the car or push. You know what I’ll be doing.

I even think unborn babies should be given the opportunity for choice. Under a law that I would enact when I am elected Dictator For Life of Canada, the abortionist would have to call out to the unborn child: “We believe in choice! We have fought hard for choice! It is only fair that you have a CHOICE! Do you choose life? Answer me!”