Queen’s Park

“Rumour has it that inside every Clinton ‘Bible’ is a bound copy of Playboy.”

“Bill Clinton makes a pretzel look straight.”
Clinton jokes are as numerous as Clinton lies, but the real story about the U.S. president has yet to be told. If Democrats in Congress think the president’s actions in the Lewinsky matter don’t “rise to the level of an impeachable offence,” they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I just watched an excellent 60-minute documentary called The Clinton Chronicles, produced by Citizens for Honest Government in 1995. You can get it at your local video store – if Clinton hasn’t had the store burned down, that is.

This is the power that Bill Clinton has exhibited, first in Arkansas as governor and now in Washington, D.C. as president. The documentary says that as governor, Clinton set up the Arkansas Defence Finance Authority – which ostensibly was a government agency to build schools, hospitals, and other worthy projects, but he used it for multi-million dollar loans to his friends that were never repaid. In turn, they helped finance his presidential ambitions.

Clinton presently controls the U.S. justice system, and tries to stifle or sabotage actions against him, his wife, or their cronies. Like a giant blanket, he tries to smother investigations, and people who were once willing to testify against him suddenly get frightened and clam up.

The Clinton Chronicles even talks about hit men – and the producers name names. Among other juicy stories is Mena, Clinton’s crowning achievement as governor of Arkansas. Mena is an airport owned by a Clinton crony.

Over a 10-year period, tons of cocaine were imported through the airport for U.S. distribution, but not one arrest was made. The documentary alleges that two boys stumbled onto one drug smuggling operation, and were murdered as a result. It claims the boys’ autopsies covered up signs of the murders, and that six people who knew what happened to the boys were also terminated.

What has the media done about such stories? Little, and too late. They like Clinton personally and they share his goals, ignoring the fact that he is a womanizer, an adulterer, a liar, and an all-around shady character.

Until very recently, the U.S. media kingpins squashed almost every unflattering (and true) story about Clinton’s escapades. The Clinton Chronicles was sent to all the media and to all members of Congress, but they’ve ignored it.

Randy Kirkham seeks justice

On this side of the border, Saskatchewan Crown prosecutor Randy Kirkham has been acquitted of any wrongdoing in allegations of jury-tampering in “mercy-killer” Robert Latimer’s first trial. He’s angry, however, that he hasn’t yet been vindicated.

Kirkham was suspended back in July 1996 for “attempting to obstruct justice.” Since his acquittal last summer, he’s been reinstated on salary, but Saskatchewan’s pro-abortion, anti-family NDP government hasn’t allowed him to resume his duties.

The September 1998 edition of Canadian Lawyer magazine described the situation in an apt headline: “It’s criminal what has happened to Randy Kirkham.”

The government has agreed to pay Kirkham back pay from July 1996 to November 1998, but they appear to be in no hurry. Kirkham is also demanding interest on his lost income and money to compensate him for his pension. He’d like the government to acknowledge the fact that they have had the use of his money over this period of time.

Meanwhile, Latimer is still at liberty and working around his farm. After innumerable court hearings and an entirely new trial, his original 10-year sentence for killing his disabled daughter has finally been restored. He’s planning to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, of course, and there’s a strong indication he’ll get a pardon from Anne McLellan, the federal minister of justice! She seemed to indicate as much in a recent TV interview.

So much for justice – the innocent die, the guilty are freed, and an honest prosecutor is punished.