When MP homosexual activist Svend Robinson complained about a police rubber bullet that had destroyed his black casual pants and injured his leg during a protest at the recent Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, I was heartened by the speed with which the National Post came to his aid, with their New Pants for Svend Fund. I am sorry, but I will not be contributing, feeling more inclined to contribute towards a fund to buy a magnifying glass to locate Svend’s “wound”

Evidently Ballin, a Montreal clothing firm, has offered Svend a year’s supply of trousers to ensure that he is dressed properly. And now in all fairness Svend should return that police rubber bullet. They are re-usable. This is much in line with the NDP’s goal to save the taxpayer’s money.

There is one fund I would like to personally launch and that is The Bullet-Proof Jacket for Stockwell Day Fund. The jacket should be worn backwards, Stock, because most of the flak you’re getting is coming from behind you – from The Sore Losers Brigade.

Refrain from becoming bitter, Stock – all political parties have a Sore Losers Brigade. However the governing Liberals have the advantage of making the leader of the SLB the Minister of Finance and that quiets the group down considerably.

Joe lost his job

If the SLB is plotting to amalgamate the Tories with the Alliance under Joe Clark’s leadership, they should remember that Joe Clark is the last one to talk about competence to serve in public office. Joe lost his job as PM because he couldn’t figure out how many members you must have in the house in order to have a majority.

And be wary, Stock, of Preston Manning (who is taking an unseemly long time to exit from politics), who says forthrightly that he is leaving politics but will remain politically activated. A psychiatrist is needed to analyze that one. Is Preston waiting in the wings, (a la Crouton and Turner), to bound on to the stage to give artificial respiration to the Alliance party after the SLB plotters have left the stage?

What’s the evidence for this suspicion? Oh a little write-up in a recent National Post that “Preston Manning-ites” gathered at an Ottawa bar in late April to say goodbye to Ian Todd, Mr. Day’s former Chief of Staff. Joining in the merriment were MPs Chuck Strahl, Deborah “Motorbike” Grey, Monte Solberg, and other former top aides, Phil Von Finckelstein and Renee Fairweather. Two of these are potential candidates who are learning to speak French – hopefully with at least the expertise of John Diefenbaker.

One participant said there was no trashing of Mr. Day, only amusement over the rumour that the resignations of these high-profile MPs were orchestrated. “There was no conspiracy at all. People had just reached the frustration point.” Well, Stock, as my uncle used to say, pile that over behind the barn.

Ontario Tory ‘friends’

If the Sore Loser Brigade fail to support you, Stock, imagine the Tory friends they will be crawling into bed with. Ontario Tory “friends” were grateful when the Alliance promised not to run provincial Reform candidates six years ago, thus avoiding a right-wing split, and it catapulted the Ontario Tories into power. What did the Ontario Tories deliver in return? Two Alliance seats in the last federal election (won by two pro-life/pro family candidates, by the way).

Did those grateful Ontario Tories openly campaign for the Alliance federally in the last election? No. They were content to provide a little window dressing (a few cabinet ministers and Tom Long) and the rest of the Ontario Tories mostly sat on their hands and were content to let the Libs get in. Premier Mike Harris stayed “neutral.” Nice friends.

Who is feeding the frenzy of the Sore Loser Brigade? The secular media. They don’t like anybody who goes to church, anybody who believes in God, anybody who doesn’t inhale, and anybody who is pro-life and pro-family. They were crazy about a certain prominent pro-abortion Catholic who married a wacky rock star fan and hung out with an Communist Cuban dictator, however.