No way. To go to Copenhagen and hang out with a huge number of closed-minded people addicted to junk science I felt would’ve been just a waste of time, like trying to talk Stalin into going to church.

At that big 12-day showy international climate change junk science schmozzle held recently in Copenhagen, a lot of toothless and half-baked resolutions were passed for home consumption. The losers: the taxpayers. Who won?

The king of the con men, Al Gore, for one. Since Gore lost the presidential election in 2000, he’s gone from being worth a lousy $3 million to being worth $100 million. How did he do that? Gore operates a big scare campaign about global warming and flies all over the world by private jet charging $175,000 for speaking engagements and pushing his book and his junk science film An Inconvenient Truth. This has all helped him win the Nobel Peace Prize. Many people think it should be in the fiction side of the library.

I’ll tell you who deserves to win a Nobel Peace Prize. It is retired Toronto mining analyst Stephen McIntyre. His work in 2006 blew a hole in bogus U.S. scientific warming studies and sparked a U.S. National Academy of Sciences investigation along with U.S. Congressional hearings. In 2007, McIntyre’s statistical sleuthing forced NASA to admit it mistakenly claimed 1998 was the warmest year on record. (That would actually be 1934.)

In September 2009, McIntyre shot down the validity of another famous graph that used 12 trees in Russia to illustrate 20th century warming with another graph that had 24 tree samples from another site nearby in Russia to show there was no temperature rise.

Our climate Sherlock Homes watched for intellectual dishonesty in Copenhagen. McIntyre is bucking Gore’s billion-dollar machine that has the backing of Jeffrey Skoll, a former president of eBay, who is worth more than $4 billion. Gore has the means to enlist the support of thousands of minions all over the world. Money talks and big bucks bellow.

Even Al Gore must be having a hard time selling global warming with temperatures here plummeting to unbelievably low numbers this winter. Global warming guru David Suzuki two years ago urged 600 cheering McGill University students to throw current politicians in jail for ignoring science regarding global warming warnings. What happens, David, when all this global warming business turns out to be junk science? Should we save a cell for you? And maybe an adjacent one for Al Gore?

Maclean’s reported that, in November, hacked emails from scientists in the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia revealed some prominent climatologists state that “we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment.” These “scientists” were plotting ways to prevent skeptics from publishing a plot to destroy or suppress the raw data underlying their studies. And it gets worse. Would you buy a used car from these people?

Angus Reid polls in Canada, the United States and Britain show fewer people are buying global warming (or climate change). In Canada, the number who believed that global warming is real fell from 63 per cent in November to 52 per cent a month later. It looks like a toboggan ride for the Big Whopper.

Despite this information being out there, a lot of prominent politicians, simpletons and left wingers refuse to believe it. I heard a rumour recently that some fish aquariums in large government buildings in Canada are starting to freeze over. It’s because some of our government employees believe so strongly in global warming that they reduced the heat in government buildings in order to save the taxpayers money. They relayed this money saving initiative to Al Gore and he was delighted to hear about it.

Another rumour has it that, on their own initiative, some government staff decided to invite Gore up to Canada to address them on the danger of global warming and he was delighted to come. Gore mentioned that he charged $175,000 for a speaking engagement. When it was suggested that the fee was a bit stiff, Gore said that in this instance, to show his good will, he was willing to accept payment in beaver pelts. Unfortunately, beavers here in Canada are not as numerous as our raccoons. Would Senator Gore be willing to accept them? They are still waiting to hear from him.