In a shameful display of peevishness, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty recently tightened the Access to Information of public information on Ontario abortion statistics making it very difficult for the public to investigate these figures. This has made a strong case for accusations of taxpayer abuse, by hiding the hard facts as to what is going on. It is hard to tell what is going on in McGuinty’s head, as he is denying the public their right to information about what they are paying for. It would make a bad soap opera.In the U.S they would’ve impeached him.

Speaking of the U.S., Mississippi’s only abortion mill has been kept open for now by federal Judge Daniel Jordan in order to delay the Republican Governor Phil Bryant‘s use of the law to make the state “abortion free.” If Governor Bryant succeeds, analysts believe the legislation could be used as a road map to close abortion facilities in other States. Wow! No wonder the judge stopped it.

Mississippi had 14 abortionists in the early 1980’s and now a handful do only 2000 abortions a year. It has some of the strictest abortion laws in the United States as it is influenced by a number of religiously affiliated hospitals, and this socially conservative state is not anxious to grant privileges to doctors who commit abortions.

The law came into effect July 1, and required that anyone carrying out an abortion in Mississippi be a certified obstetrician/gynecologist with admitting privileges at a local hospital. Doctors who do abortions in Jackson, Miss, travel from other states – and they do not have local admitting privileges. Way to go, Governor Bryant. God’s on your side. And so are millions of unborn babies.

But in Canada what can we done to stop schools becoming pagan factories?

Ignore McGuinty’s feeble attempts to sell the idea that publicly funded Catholic schools

should not be able to refuse a student’s request to launch a gay-straight alliance club? McGuinty is saying Catholic schools should deny their Catholicity and their very reason for existing.

We are giving access to our school children and giving tacit approval to a dangerous way of life.

If this ridiculous situation should occur, we will get the best legal team that money can buy. They will also be acting in the interests of Jewish schools, Muslim schools, Hindu schools, Seventh Day Adventists, and any other schools that seek to obtain justice and freedom of religion in Canada that was pledged to our forefathers when they came

The late, now Blessed Pope John Paul 11, said in a homily at World Youth Day Mass, 1993:

“You must feel the full urgency of the task. Woe to you if you do not succeed in defending life.” How can we address the problem of Secular Catholics – like Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty – who are casual about many things – especially areas where he has considerable influence. “Secular Catholicism is more a social religion than a religion that comes from a deeply held faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God,” said Archbishop John C. Nienstedt. “It invites people to have a casual relationship with the Catholic Church – a church Jesus founded as a gift for all ages.” The archbishop was addressing the problems pro-life people are facing

“Secular Catholics are casual about many things. They are casual about church attendance,casual about the importance of a prayer life, casual about the commandments, casual about the authentic church teaching, and casual in the ways they pass their faith on to their children,” Archbishop Nienstedt said. “When one generation falls into that trap – the generations that follow have even less faith or no faith at all. There is a spiritual warfare going on in our church and in our society and all around us we have got to be aware of it and plan what we can do to fight it.”In his book Atheist Dinesh D’Souza says: “Atheistic educators are now raising the question of whether parents should have control of what their children learn.” Noted atheist Richard Dawkins asks: “How much do we regard children as being the property of their parents. He says parents should be free to believe what ever they want but should they be free to impose their beliefs on their children?”

St .Augustine tells us in The City of God, “there is a sanctuary of conscience inside every person that is protected from political control, and that kings and emperors, however grand, cannot usurp authority that rightly belongs to God.”

I have a feeling, Dalton, that St. Augustine has a message for you.