“Class come to attention now! Let’s get down to business. Phillip, do you think Ontario Premier McGuinty is an elected despot?”

“Sir, I don’t think McGuinty’s important enough to be considered a despot. You have to be more of a worldwide figure to fit in that category.”

“I agree with Phillip,” said Anna, “it’s a bit of a stretch”

“Sir, I think you’d be giving him more prominence that he deserves.” said Warren. “After all he’s only the premier of a province in Canada.”

“Wait a minute, Warren,” said Phillip, “Ontario has a population bigger than a lot of small countries in Europe and they often have a despot. I think we have an excellent candidate in Dalton McGuinty.”

“Why, sir, “asked Anna, “does McGuinty deserve the title of despot?”

“Despotism has become the philosophy of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty,” explained the teacher.

“Why do you say that, sir?’ asked Phillip.

“McGuinty’s plans to ram Bill 13 through the Ontario legislature, which will make it impossible for anybody to openly practice the Judeo-Christian religions by forcing the people to adopt his pagan approach to religion. Doesn’t this show the marks of a tyrant, an oppressor and an autocrat?”

“Yes, but sir, don’t we have the Canadian Bill of Rights to protect us?” asked Anna. “Isn’t it

supposed to guarantee freedom of religion and a right to express our opinions?”

“It’s supposed to, Anna, but it also depends on how laws are interpreted by judges appointed by

the government. If whoever gets into power is dominated by a pack of pro-abortion, left-leaning fem-libs and flakes – what is likely to be the make-up of the courts?”

“That’s an easy answer, sir, a pack of pro-abortion, left-leaning fem-libs and flakes,” answered Phillip.

“Well, Phillip, I couldn’t have answered it better myself,” said teacher.

“Thank you, sir, but how could we have got into such a mess?

“It’s not just one person, it’s the power of the media. We obey media marching orders. The media manipulates public opinion on social issues and they do it so deftly you don’t even realize you’ve been had.”

“Sir, how do they get away with it?

“They follow a distinct pattern no matter what it is – abortion, feminism, homosexuality, same-sex ‘marriage’ or assisted suicide.”

“Who are these guys?” wondered Phillip.

“Pseudo intellectuals,” teacher said. “They come up with far-out ideas that are opposed to our moral positions and principles which they unscrupulously create and promote enthusiastically.”

“Who’s behind all this?”

“A small number of media, university professors, writers and other eggheads who pass on their ideas to big players who have the power to control the information passed onto the public. They could be publishers of newspaper chains, owners of radio and TV station empires, they could be the managing editors of big city dailies. They’re called the gatekeepers.”

“Gatekeepers?” asked one student.

“Yes, gatekeepers. They determine what you will be reading at your breakfast table and what you won’t be reading. They also determine what you’ll be seeing and hearing. They make heroes out of knaves and knaves out of heroes.”

“How do they pull that off?”

“Well, Anna, they use select information to launch a massive publicity campaign to bring the problem to the public’s attention and then they promote their own solution to solve the problem. They change the law to go where they want to go. They’re assisted by special interest groups who will make hay politically or financially. Take abortion as a typical example. Once it was a serious criminal offense and if you were convicted as an abortionist you could be jailed. Now you can get the Order of Canada for doing it.”

“That’s pitiful,” said Philip.

“Abortion was given a high profile in the media by a massive campaign about women being discriminated against. The campaign was hugely successful. They are now the ‘victims’ not the babies who are killed in the womb.”

“The same with homosexuality?” Phillip asked.

“Perfect choice. Another billion-dollar taxpayer campaign launched to address the alleged injustice and inequality against homosexuals. Bullying in the school is the perfect pretext to keep the homosexual agenda up front after they got same-sex ‘marriages’.”

“Sir, why can’t we have some good news now and then?”

“I’ve got some good news for the whole class. I’ve read the Book and we win in the end.”