According to a recent Gallup poll, 57 per cent of Americans – and I suspect Canadians as well – have little or no trust in the mainstream media which publicizes, promotes, defends and almost worships secular humanists, and their ideology. Henry Morgentaler and Stephen Lewis appear to be their secular saints.

Who would have suspected that in just one generation Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty’s full-day Kindergarden program already contains a requirement for teachers to combat “preconceived notions about children’s… gender.” Goodbye childhood, Big Daddy is taking over.

This is why many are turning to alternative media sources, such as Wikileaks revealing truckloads of classified information that should have been made public. Why are only politicians and bureaucrats privy to this information? We pay our taxes.

Whatever happened to the good old days when the Supreme Court Justices stayed in their offices in Ottawa and pored over their law books soaking up knowledge to demonstrate in the courtroom, and left the politicians to shoot their mouths off? It appears to be in the past.

Heavens, I remember the days when judges didn’t even vote because they wanted to exhibit their neutrality. Now you have Chief Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella, the Toronto Star reported recently on its front page, addressing the Empire Club of Canada to a standing room only crowd.  Her subject: “The world is not unfolding as it should.”

Justice Abella has a very narrow vision of the disasters occurring all over the world including horrible human rights abuses. She said:

“Our generation has the most sophisticated development of international laws, treaties and conventions the international community has ever known, all stating that human rights abuses will not be tolerated.”

Oh. What about the human rights of 100,000 abused Canadians who were not considered human beings (what are they, plant life). Now that you have been made aware, what, Justice Abella, are you going to do about it?

Mother Teresa said that we have to be concerned about what is at our feet.  This is where our job is: right in front of us. Canada. That also applies to Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella. Should she be wasting her time and our taxpayer’s money casting a giant-sized eye all over the world to tell us what we know already. Injustice abounds!  Just what, Justice Abella, are you going to do about it?

Justice Abella criticized the UN for silence on protests going on in Iran, Tunisia and Egypt. She also criticized this generation for permitting atrocities across the world from Rwanda to Bosnia to Iran. In Canada we can abort for any reason. What is abortion but an atrocity? Have you never seen Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s The Silent Scream – the filming of an actual abortion?

We are in an embarrassing position denouncing evil in far away places when our own hands are equally bloodied. The Supreme Court of Canada has been a willing participant in the abortion abuse scene since May of 1969. The Supreme Court has a dismal, disgraceful history of micro managing.

Look at your own resume, Justice Abella. When our elected legislators resisted reducing the age of consent for anal sex, two courts did it for them in 1995. Two female judges in two different courts, arbitrarily decided that the age of consent for homosexual intercourse should be reduced from 18 years to 14 years on the basis of equality rights and struck it down. Madame Barbara Reed in the Federal Court of Canada in 1995 and guess who did it in the Court of Appeal the same year?

Why it was then Madam Justice Rosalie Abella. The two female judges ignored that it was an abuse of children and claimed that it was discriminatory to permit an age of consent for heterosexuals at 14, but another, higher age of consent for homosexuals. Good news! It took 16 years for a federal Conservative government with some Liberal Party support to change the age of consent back from 14 up to 16.

Why haven’t you complained about the UN not strenuously denouncing the killing and maiming of helpless Coptics, Catholics and other Christians, including bishops and priests and women and children in a slew of countries, including Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq?  Their people are pleading for help. Drop your tunnel vision. You said: “Silence means intolerance wins.” Now you’ve found your voice – use it.

Mother Teresa needs your help.