Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is adopting storm trooper tactics right out of the Nazi’s playbook in forcing the Toronto Catholic School Board to allow Gay Discussion Clubs in Catholic Schools even though the Church feels they will promote homosexuality. Based on Sacred Scriptures, the Catholic Faith, and Biblical injunctions, “homosexual acts” are depraved and “intrinsically evil.”  The Catholic Church by its mandate cannot promote this way of life.

McGuinty bought the Goebbels Big Lie: repeat it long enough and loud enough and people will start to believe it. McGuinty’s goal is done under the pretence of addressing a non-existent major problem of bullying in the Catholic schools. It masks McGuinty’s real intentions to promote the homosexual lifestyle in the Catholic schools.

If McGuinty can get away with trampling the rights of Catholics to believe and teach what they believe in their own schools, what is to stop him from interfering with the teaching going on in Catholic or Evangelical churches that denounce active homosexuality from the pulpit?

And what about the Associated Hebrew Schools in Toronto? Is McGuinty going to tell their 1700 student body that the teaching in their schools must not contain anything prejudicial to homosexuality, even though their sacred texts also present homosexual acts as sinful acts. Is it going to be God’s religion or Dalton McGuinty’s?

McGuinty’s campaign to promote homosexuality in the Catholic schools is being done over the strong objections of parents who packed a number of meetings fearing that Gay Discussion Clubs would only create confusion in the developing minds of their children. Hey, this is not birds and bees stuff. What happens if these discussion clubs leads to other problems? Have you thought this out, Dalton?

Parents fear that if these clubs are allowed they would eventually promote the acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle as a morally legitimate alternative lifestyle. It would also force children to condone unacceptable same-sex “marriages” and invite into the schools a slew of other hostile voices to the teachings of the Church and potentially lead children to question other articles of faith.

McGuinty publicly says he’s “pro-choice” and supported Henry Morgentaler’s induction to the Order of Canada. In 2005, the government funded a new Grade 2 level reader, Mom and Mum are getting married. He also dictated the terms, “man and woman,” “wife”, “husband,” “widow,” and “widower” cannot be used in law. Who knew that garbage was his agenda?

Still, he insists he is a Catholic.

McGuinty is fully committed to the new homosexual agenda.  He has instructed his cabinet ministers and their staff at Queen’s Park to fall in line, and they appear to be saluting the rainbow flag with muted enthusiasm.

Evil is not coming on horseback from Queen’s Park; it’s coming by Government limo. And guess who’s paying for that?

If McGuinty can kick the Catholic Church schools around in the secret war he’s waging, wouldn’t it be fair (from McGuinty’s perspective) to start to demand Jewish schools acquiesce to his demands? Even if there wasn’t even one homosexual student in any of the Associated Schools, wouldn’t that fit in with McGuinty’s master plan for all children in his noxious “Support Documents for the Equity and Inclusive Education Meeting?”

The Ministry of Education, with the backing of McGuinty, has forbidden any attempt to win back homosexual students in the schools from their lifestyle choices. McGuinty must think its okay for homosexuals to push their propaganda on our students and then turn around and say we can’t propagandize theirs. What ever happened to free speech?

Whatever happened to the missionary approach in Catholic schools to save erring souls of sinners? Isn’t that part of their job?

Bishop Emeritus Pearce Lacey, a former elected trustee of the Toronto Catholic School Board, has come out recently with strong support for parental opposition to the equity and inclusivity policy and urged parents to attend a crucial board meeting where two corrective amendments were being voted on. Three cheers for Bishop Lacey.

McGuinty, at this writing, had polls showing him challenging for the title of the most unpopular Premier in Canada. That’s one battle he’s got a good chance to win. We have to make doubly sure that he doesn’t win the other on Oct. 6.