If there was any other prominent politician more worthy of getting booted out of public office than Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty, I don’t know who it is.

McGuinty, who claims to be Catholic, has a Liberal MPP mouthpiece give a glowing welcoming address on his behalf to the Toronto Pride parade officials recently. This flies in the face of the Catholic Church’s teachings (and many other religions’ as well) against promoting homosexuality which makes him a shoo-in for getting “The Order of the Boot.” This is a mythical Order dedicated to expelling prominent office holders who fail to stick to the principles they should espouse.

McGuinty recently declared that homosexual clubs are “not a matter of choice” for school boards or principals but rather for students to decide. Since when have high school students been given the role of determining what goes into the Catholic or public schools curriculum or extra-curricular activity?

Does that not – from a student’s point of view – cast aspersions on the capabilities of their school administrative staff to run the school system? This is another fine example of McGuinty’s twisted thinking and will surely make him an officer in the Order of the Boot.

According to his openly homosexual Minister of Research and Innovation Glen Murray,

McGuinty also thinks homosexuality should be addressed in the home, with the Liberal government, according to one press report “aiming to change ‘attitudes’ on homosexuality,” a process Murray says, “should begin in the home.”

Before any readers get any misconception where I stand on homosexuality, we have two young close relatives who are acknowledged homosexuals – we still love them but we can’t condone their lifestyle.

But asking parents to teach their own children an affirmative attitude on their approach to homosexuality in the home may prove to be for most parents a very difficult, if not impossible, chore.

McGuinty has ruled against groups that would help homosexual students “reform their sexuality.” What if homosexual students themselves want to “cure” students struggling against same-sex attractions and with homosexual temptations? (?) Another example of McGuinty’s twisted thinking.

Courage, a lay organization of chaste homosexuals, whose Canadian founder I have met, was founded by a U.S Catholic priest and spread to Canada over 40 years ago. It is based the same principles as Alcoholics Anonymous, and has been very successful in its approach to homosexuals, never approving but always caring.

McGuinty’s twisted thinking on homosexuality does not just stop at the schools, but his government, LifeSiteNews reports, was recently accused of showing disrespect for the law when his government stopped the Toronto police from shutting down a hard-core homosexual club that had flouted the law by offering live sex shows. Despite clear evidence at what had taken place, Chris Bentley, the Ontario Attorney General, and the Liberal appointed Crown attorney, told police not to take any action.  They didn’t feel there was anything in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada.

If the McGuinty government keeps sliding down in the direction they’re going, there will come a time the only serious offence they will be charging people with will be overnight parking.

McGuinty’s government has had a long history of hidden goofs and contempt for the taxpayers’ wallets dating back a few years ago to when they shoveled out $1 million to a surprised cricket group that had sent in a request for only $150,000. In a list of 32 worthy organizations that received a total of $20,395,000 reported in the Toronto Star, nowhere was a single pro-life organization to be found.

I think most people in Ontario feel that it’s time to throw McGuinty and his free spending buddies out of office on Election Day: Monday, Oct. 6. In the meantime, maybe McGuinty can demand to be named at least a general in the Order of the Boot. Give it to him; he deserves it.