It appears that Gay-Straight Clubs in Ontario may be in their death throes having met strong intellectual opposition to their very existence in Great Britain recently from a Dr. Julia Gasper. Gaspar was selected by the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) to run for Parliament. UKIP advocates withdrawal from the European Union and is currently tied with the larger Liberal Democrats in a poll of voting intentions in Britain.

In 2010, Dr. Gasper, a prominent member of their party, said gay rights had “gone too far” and suggested homosexuality is a choice. She quoted the late Nobel Prize Jean-Paul Sartre as saying that, ”homosexuality is simply a form of behaviour, not like being black at all. Black people could and did for thousands of years live independently on another continent, but homosexuals can only exist as a by-product of a heterosexual society.” Curiously they never express any gratitude for this, complaining constantly of persecution.

Sartre did not come to this conclusion from a religious position but from an intellectual position. As did Gaspar, who has written: “Homosexuals are completely dependent on heterosexuals to create themselves.”

On adoption, Gasper wrote: “It makes no sense to argue for the ‘equal rights’ of a homosexual couple because nobody has a right to adopt. Adoption takes place in the interest of the child, not the adults. To talk about gays having a right to adopt is to treat the child like the child is a form of merchandise.” Her party opposes gay couple marriage.

Suggesting homosexuality is a choice, Gasper continued: “If fairness is the issue, it seems fair to me to give a child to couples who have experienced biological sterility or repeated miscarriage, because they really can’t have a child of their own. Their need is greater than those who simply chose a same-sex partner.”

Inadequately informed, or his memory failing him, Premier Dalton McGuinty, told the media recently that the Ontario government – not the Catholic Church – is in charge when it comes to running Ontario Catholic schools. Well, Dalton (who claims to be a Catholic) must have forgotten his catechism that he should have learned in any Catholic school: the answer the Roman soldiers sought from Jesus when He was asked while holding the coin of tribute: “Whose image is this?” They answered; “Caesars!” Jesus said: “Well give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”

Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, over a lengthy meeting with the Premier is reported to have accused the government of Ontario of tramping on “religious freedom” and making it a “second class right.” Cardinal Collins obviously feels that there is a danger in forcing Catholic students in Catholic schools to go along with promoting the acceptance of gay clubs in Catholic schools. It appears to be legitimizing the homosexual behaviour, over the teachings of the Catholic Church in Catholic schools.

It appears that everybody’s entitled to religious freedom, except Catholics who are promoting the usual traditional Catholic Biblical principles. The Cardinal is aware of the real danger that the acceptance of gay-straight alliance clubs in Catholic schools in Ontario represents: they could be the gang plank to acceptance of homosexuality everywhere, an agenda pushed by the Liberal Party of Ontario and its allies at the Toronto Star.

Another tactic the Toronto Star is using is The Big Lie. The paper has recently pushed the idea that Catholics are free-loaders. The pool of money that the Star claims we are helping ourselves to comes from over one million willing Catholic taxpayers in the Greater Toronto area who put yearly $7 billion in the Catholic school system. That is a sign of real support. At one time it even showed up on our tax bills.

Once more for emphasis: It’s Catholic taxpayer’s money that Catholic schools get.