Michael Coren Journalist for Life

Michael Coren Journalist for Life

It’s been a while now since Morgentaler died. He was 90-years-old, and it’s always shocked me that some of the more evil people in our world live such long lives. He claimed to have been in a death camp during the Holocaust, but certainly since that time enjoyed a life composed mostly of wealth, comfort, and prestige. Tragically, hundreds of thousands of babies were never allowed to be born, slaughtered in the womb, because of his personal and political actions. What a grimly evil legacy to leave to the world. I say that he “claimed” to have been in a Nazi camp, because people so dedicated to the Culture of Death do not always tell the truth.

Do you remember, for example, the alleged firebombing of his Toronto abortion facility? It was blamed on opponents of abortion, and the incident was partly responsible for the introduction of anti-democratic and draconian restrictions to protest around these hellholes. There is no proof that it was the work of pro-lifers, nobody has been charged, and it’s fascinating that the staff took home so many of their records and notes the night before the attack. Coincidence? I will leave that up to you.

Morgentaler was an intensely proud man, relishing the adulation of the foot soldiers of the Culture of Death. I do not mean average people who have no clear view of the abortion issue and are even, sadly, passively supportive of it. No, I mean those zealots who regard the right to kill unborn children as a sacrament of modernist, left-wing theology. I have seen their distorted faces, screaming at the very idea of life and love. We saw them on CBC and CTV in particular, almost in tears as they recalled their favourite killer. One of his acolytes said that he was shaped by his Holocaust experience. She meant the suffering, but perhaps the example of the guards may be more accurate.

This exploitation of the Holocaust, by the way, is repugnant and irresponsible. I have known numerous people who lost family members or were themselves in Nazi camps. They were not turned into narcissistic murderers by what they had to go through. Shame on those who would use such agony to try to justify more of the same.

Morgentaler also made a great deal of money as an abortionist, far more than he could have accumulated as a hard-working doctor, helping to prolong life rather than obsessing about ending it. Do not be misled by horror stories of rape, incest and a mother’s life being in danger. The vast, overwhelming majority of abortions are given to middle-class women who have the flimsiest reasons for wanting to kill their children – not, of course, that any reason would suffice – and these people in particular lionize the man who gave them more freedom to enjoy their wealth and life choices. Choice, of course, being the word so frequently misused to rationalize infanticide.

It’s important that we remember that this is not primarily a religious issue. Christians might be the most vehement in opposing abortion, but that is because they have a particular appreciation of natural law, social justice, and the role of creation. But it’s really about science and morality. At the very point of conception the unborn child has a totally distinct DNA and genomic character, unlike any other person who has ever lived, unlike any person who will be born in the future. This is the starting point for human life, and there is no other objective beginning. Three months gestation or after a baby leaves the womb are arbitrary, superstitious, and anti-intellectual definitions.

That a baby in its earliest stages doesn’t resemble a child is irrelevant. A newborn doesn’t look like a five-year-old, a ten-year-old doesn’t look like a middle-aged man. So what? As for survival outside of the womb, a born baby will die very quickly after birth if it is uncared for. Autonomous survival is a digression, a distraction from the genuine arguments.

Morgentaler worked tirelessly to produce a society where we all pay for the elective surgery of abortion, which is not to make people well but to make people dead. For this he was given awards and lionized by the usual suspects in the consensus media. While people plead to adopt children, we pretend that there are unwanted babies. While we claim to protect the handicapped, we abort the vast majority of babies who exhibit the likelihood of serious disability. While we say we care, we are in fact indifferent.

The monster is dead, but the scorched earth he left behind continues to burn and stink. His followers have been enabled, his media propagandists empowered, the devotees of death liberated. I take no joy in anybody’s death – even in Morgentaler’s – but the world is certainly a better place without him.

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