After a three-month delay, police seem to be taking seriously allegations of repeated assaults on a Toronto pro-life activist.

In mid-October, pro-life activist and counsellor Robert Hinchey was told by police that they will charge an individual who is alleged to have assaulted him on numerous occasions, although the police didn’t release his name or any other details at the time.

Hinchey has been assaulted three times and, in his opinion, the police were slow to respond. He says the driver of a medical waste truck destroyed his property, physically threatened him and assaulted him on July 15. The driver was servicing the Cabbagetown Women’s Clinic abortuary.

Twelve days later, Hinchey says the driver once again assaulted him, this time shoving Hinchey’s camera into his face, causing cuts and bruising..

Hinchey says the police told him that the driver’s story was similar to his own except that the driver disputes that he deliberately shoved the camera into Hinchey’s face and causing his injuries. He claims instead that it was an accident. According to Hinchey, the man says he was only trying to stop Hinchey from taking his photograph.

But the driver doesn’t seem to be as innocent as his protests would lead people to believe. Hinchey has an audio tape of the man threatening to “rip (his) head off.”