Let’s look at all these political parties craving for our votes in the forthcoming federal election. Are any of them worth voting for?

The pro-abortion Bloc Québécois— the separatist party that wants Quebec to leave the country? I don’t think they are sincere. They know it would be like shooting the family cow which is the federal government’s $8.5 billion in equalization payments which Quebec gets every year from the taxpayers of Canada.

The NDP, who always enjoy spending other peoples’ money. If they could, they would repeal the law of supply and demand. Pro-abortionist party seeking the scalps of pro-lifers. Chances of winning? Nil. But their friendly bed-hopping could be dangerous.

Liberals? Conservatives? When I was in the NDP we used to call them Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Both thoroughly experienced in backroom dealing and ear-twisting members into doing what they are told. There are some good pro-life Tories and Liberals but the parties’ leanings are towards their pagan constituency, especially the Liberals who I often mistake for the NDP— and that’s not a compliment. The Liberal party brass will give us nothing but a cold shoulder. At least the Tories leave the door open. They are the best of the lot.

Politics affects every part of our daily life. If we do not  have even a passing interest in politics we leave the arena for people who do not share our opinions on life, family issues and personal morality. If we do not promote our issues we will leave an opening for people occupying positions of power ranging from school trustees to the prime minister’s job who may be totally dedicated to an evil agenda.

I see evidence of it all around me. We might be tempted to say we do not care who gets elected and that they are all crooks, that is not true. There are good people and bad people in every occupation. Find out if they believe in killing unborn babies and same-sex “marriage.” Watch that they do not hide behind a curtain of lies like “women’s choice.” I think a lot of good people have given up voting and that is why a lot of bad people are getting elected.

I have been a political junky since I learned to read the newspaper (and it was the Toronto Star). We talked politics and religion endlessly around the dining room table. I got into politics and writing because of the Christopher movement. I wanted to promote the Christian values our family held. We were angry when we saw crooked politicians not acting properly and wanted to do something about it.

My mother and father were ardent Liberals in spite of both coming from strong Conservative regions. Mother was the vice-president of the Women’s South York Liberal Association, which could have been easily mistaken for a meeting of the Catholic Women’s League.

A strange situation occurred during World War Two, the federal Tories decided to put Senator Arthur Meighen, the former Prime Minister, in our York South riding, a strong Conservative riding with many World War One veterans living there. The Tories felt that Meighen, an aging but brilliant orator, would make an excellent leader of the opposition in parliament debating Liberal William Mackenzie King’s handling of the war.

The Tories had the Tory member, a Bay Street stock salesman, resign to make way for Meighen and then approached the Liberals and urged them for “patriotic reasons” not to run a candidate against Meighen and they agreed.

Meighen, with no Liberal candidate running and no other candidate on the horizon, appeared to be a shoo-in.

My mother and many others on the executive of the York South Liberal Women’s riding association were angry at this treachery, but their objections to Liberal Party officials were ignored. The executive all quit.

A small fledgling western peoples’ party called the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, with no elected member MPs east of Manitoba nominated Joseph Noseworthy, the very popular head of the English Department of Vaughan Road Collegiate to run against Meighen.

His slogan: “Vote for Joe – The Man You Know’s Worthy.”

Joe Noseworthy won handily. Our family thought it was dirty, underhanded politics that got beat. We celebrated for days.