Awit once said: “Only God can unscramble an egg.”

This was similar to the problem that faced Canadians in the recent federal election, when all major parties totally ignored the life issues. The Conservatives won with an increased minority, the Liberals dropped a pile of seats, the NDP picked up a few seats and the Greens were shut out. None of them deserved to win.

With the exception of the Conservatives, all the major parties are on record for being solidly pro-abortion, favouring the promotion of same-sex “marriage” and opposing legislation protecting unborn victims of crime. The Tories, meanwhile, tolerate abortion and same-sex “marriage.”

The Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois favour selecting solidly pro-abortion, anti-family judges and all support kangaroo human rights courts that deny the right of Christians to denounce sodomy in their own churches.

All major political parties favour picking pro-abortion and pro-homosexual delegations to represent Canada at the UN. (Imagine the image of Canada to outsiders at the UN.)

The NDP promotes assisted suicide and euthanasia and has pushed the homosexual agenda.

No party speaks out against the forcing of doctors to commit abortions or, if they refuse, having to make them refer their patients to abortionists to have their babies killed.

All major parties tolerate TV and internet child pornography with pussycat sentences for offenders.

Pro-life issues were tossed in the garbage or never addressed by the major parties in the recent election run-up and then pro-life voters were asked to choose a party (in the absence of a pro-life candidate). This proved a problem when they were as alike as a row of crows on a fence. None of the leaders of the major political parties is pro-life. Why wasn’t pro-life Ron Gray, the leader of the Christian Heritage Party, allowed in on the TV debates? Don’t they know that Christians still represent the largest religion in Canada? Don’t they think that Christians have an agenda to promote as much as the Green Party?

Taking my own advice, I voted for a pro-life candidate in our riding who was running as an independent. Bernadette Michael is a chatty 85-year-old widow with 10 grown children. Her father was an MP in India and this is where she got her great love for politics. I’ve known Bernadette and her late husband (a pilot for Nehru in India ) for over 30 years. I’ve seen her at our LifeChain.

Over the years, Bernadette has run so many times for almost every political office she should get some kind of an award for it. She is feisty and warm-hearted. She is not able to knock on doors, but uses her phone to great advantage. She had little money for campaigning, a tiny organization, little literature to distribute and few election signs.

It would’ve taken a miracle for Bernadette to win. There wasn’t one – this time. Bernadette Michael got 207 votes. Congratulations, Bernadette. Winning isn’t as important as being a champion of unborn babies.

It’s gotten to be very popular for Canadians to dump on President George Bush for the positions he has taken in his eight years in office, but Bush has a record of being on the side of the angels on key pro-life issues.

It’s been said that most people vote with their stomachs and not their hearts. It looks like the bank-engineered worldwide financial catastrophe will be largely blamed on the Bush administration by the perverted liberal/left wing media and will impact on the Republican McCain/Palin ticket chances of winning, which are getting slimmer all the time. Smearing the pro-life vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, is the 11th Commandment for Democrats.

This is bad news for pro-lifers worldwide, too. Barack Obama’s possible election as U.S. president will cause a fatal attack on every pro-life initiative President Bush brought forward. Any American Christian even thinking of voting for Obama should get down on his knees and ask God to enlighten him. I’m sure He would be delighted to. Christians who are Democrats and planning to vote for the unholy duo should memorize “Thou Shalt Not Kill” on the way to vote.

We’re hopeful, America, that with our prayers and good wishes, the pendulum will swing over to the baby-saving side and you will be the ray of sunshine we’re looking for.

In the United States, voters have a choice. John McCain isn’t perfect, but at least he says he’ll appoint pro-life judges and isn’t ashamed to admit he is pro-life. Wish there a leader like that up here.