frankkennedyimageI was shocked, stunned, incredulous and totally off my rocker when I saw on CNN that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was John McCain’s choice as his Republican running mate. So was CNN. So was Senator Barack Obama. Largely unknown to Americans, even Obama on CNN said that he was surprised at the choice.

Here was Palin, a stunningly beautiful former model, a 44-year old self-described hockey mom, with five children. The youngest, a five-month-old boy, Trig, who she learned had Down Syndrome prior to his birth but she refused to have an abortion. This is counter-cultural: 90 per cent of parents go for an abortion in such cases.

Palin was straight forward when she revealed that her oldest child, Bristol, her unmarried 17-year old daughter, was due to have a baby in November. Bristol is engaged to get married shortly to Levi Johnston, who was also on the platform with them at the Republican convention. Palin said it was Bristol’s `choice.’ Palin, formerly the mayor of a small Alaska town of 9,000, is solidly against abortion (even in cases of rape or incest). Make notes cowardly politicians.

The liberal media went crazy on how to handle this hot potato. The radical feminist lobby was pulling its hair out. How could they denounce a successful woman politician who has five children? Some Democrats tried to spread a rumour that Trig wasn’t Sarah Palin’s, but rather her daughter’s. That lie didn’t work. Then they asked: how could a busy politician look after a handicapped child? That didn’t work either. Smearing Palin didn’t work either.Radical feminists were trapped by their three usual sins: jealousy, envy and bitterness.

Palin is a Protestant evangelical, a baptized Catholic but she has always attended non-denominational churches. She believes in creationism and thinks it should be taught in schools alongside the evolution theory. Would Catholics rather have Catholic Joe Biden, the Democratic vice presidential candidate who gets a zero from National Right to Life for his position on federal abortion funding and stem cell research — and his 100 per cent pro-abortion presidential running mate Barack Obama?

Voters have been betrayed in Canada and the U.S. by lip-service Catholics in public office who have ignored the teachings of the Catholic Church (Boston Kennedys for example) when it wasn’t fruitful or convenient. We have Protestant politicians, like Palin, who think like Catholics on moral issues and Catholic politicians who think like pagans. Who should Catholics vote for? In Canada we haven’t had a genuine Catholic prime minister since Louie St. Laurent.

Palin has vigorously fought the entrenched graft-ridden Republican state bureaucracy. I watched Palin’s acceptance speech on Youtube (an internet video service) and the frenzy about her selection created an audience of nearly 40 million people – about the number that viewed Obama’s acceptance speech. It was an astonishing speech, well-scripted, brilliantly delivered and powerful.

We’ve got an election coming up in Canada this month. Look what we’ve got in Canada. Nothing. The Republicans have Senator John McCain who proudly announces he’s pro-life. McCain and Palin are running against Obama and Biden, two strong pro-abortion, anti-family values Democrats. The choice is clear.
Lucky Americans have this meaningful opportunity to vote pro-life.

You won’t find Harper or those other look-alikes campaigning all over Canada saying they’re pro-life? Can you imagine the Conservatives running on a campaign promise to appoint only pro-life justices to Canada’s Supreme Court?

We Canadians have few pro-life or pro-family political leaders. The much maligned United States of America has.

As of this writing the McCain/Palin ticket has taken a small lead in the polls. If that persists and McCain is elected president I will hang a big Stars and Stripes flag on my front lawn. That should confuse the neighbours.