New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan has come out saying that it’s the “other side” that is “obsessed” with abortion, not pro-life advocates. “They’re so obsessed with it that they want to expand it even more!” Dolan told National Review in advance of the national March for Life in Washington.

Speaking about his opposition to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Women’s Equality Act,” which will expand abortion, Dolan said it is not pro-lifers who will block the bill on this year’s agenda from moving forward. “Sadly, it is the people on the other side who are so insistent on expanding abortion rights that they would block all of the good parts of the law in order to try to get their way,” he said.

Dolan made it clear that while pro-lifers are all for women’s health, certain parts of the bill have nothing to do with women’s health. “Anything that would take the life of the baby in the womb, anything that would risk harming the mother — which this radical expansion would — is hardly for women’s health. It’s certainly not healthy for the female babies in the womb who are aborted.

“Anybody who is really sincere in wanting to advocate for women’s health — and we sure are — would be against this part of the law. Because what it does is really put the woman at greater risk, as well as the baby who is going to be aborted,” he said.

Reflecting on a widely publicized statement by Pope Francis in September that the Church “cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods” nor be “obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines,” Dolan argued that pro-life advocates are in fact not obsessed with abortion, but are the ones making rational arguments on the issue.

“But who is really obsessed with things here? I mean, the proponents of this bill are the ones who are obsessed with it. They’re not willing to say, ‘Now we’ve got abortion almost on demand. We’ve got abortion now that is often financed by the government. Let’s at least leave it alone.’ Are you kidding? They’re so obsessed with it that they want to expand it even more! They’re so obsessed with it that they are willing to sacrifice all of the good things the bill could do to try and expand abortion.”

“It’s the other side that seems obsessed with it, that keeps talking about it, that keeps wanting it, that is almost driven to radically expand abortion. And so if we’re going to talk about obsession, let’s talk about the other side,” he said.

Dolan said he looked forward to attending the Jan. 22 March for Life in Washington, saying that the event “inspired” him.

“It is a grim anniversary. It’s a somber anniversary. But it’s almost become like a Good Friday. There’s Good Friday — why do we call it “good”? The worst thing in the history of the world happened on that day. The Son of God was crucified. But good came of it. That’s what I was saying about January 22.”

“It’s a morbid, somber, sad, tragic anniversary, but now we see resurrection coming from it, as we see hundreds of thousands of committed people joining the march.”

“This is something exciting. This is something exhilarating. This is something inspirational that we see going on.”

 This article originally appeared at Jan. 22 and is used with permission.