Presents scientific facts about HUMAN DEVELOPMENT

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) has launched a new website presenting scientific evidence for the fact that human life begins, and should be protected, from the time of conception to natural death. was established in the wake of Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s (Kitchener-Centre) introduction of motion M-312. The motion calls on Parliament to establish a committee that would be tasked with re-examining Section 223 of Canada’s Criminal Code, which specifies that a child is only a full “human being” after he or she leaves the womb.

“This website confirms that what is already known but not yet acknowledged by Canadian law – that a child in the womb is a human being, from the time of conception,” said Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition. “This is not a matter of opinion or theory, this is scientific fact. It’s time our government updates the law which states that a child miraculously becomes a human being only at the moment of complete birth.”

On the website, there are images of human development and 3D ultrasound videos that demonstrate the humanity of the child in the womb.

The website also includes a call to action for Canadians, urging them to contact their MPs to convince them to call for a ‘free vote’ on M-312.

For many people and politicians, the beginning of life is a “matter for opinion rather than science,” Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC national organizer told The Interim. Thus, the website’s purpose is to “give the information that shows when life begins.” After all, she said, it “makes no sense whatsoever to say that a person is growing and developing for 16 weeks and suddenly becomes a human being.”

Douglas emphasized that it is crucial to have politicians and the public understand when life beings. Because Canada has no abortion law, if a law is implemented that states that human life begins at “any time other than conception, we are actually establishing a pro-abortion law,” she explained.