Michael Coren Journalist for Life

An episode of All in the Dysfunctional Family, as it were. Let me tell you a story. A woman journalist whom I know, a gay woman, has been living with her partner for some time now. Some years ago they wanted a child, a baby. So the brother of one of the women had sexual intercourse with his sister’s lover, resulting in her getting pregnant, and the two lesbian women thus having a baby. A child conceived not in love, not even in lust, but in some sort of quasi-incestuous arrangement to satisfy the selfish wants – not needs – and desires of two women who refused to accept human nature and natural law. I’m sure they’ll love the child and try their best, but they have created a life for their own interests and not for hers, and the biological father becomes an uncle, if indeed he’s allowed to see the child or was even informed it was born.

Often in these cases there’s no family link at all, and a mere financial transaction leads to a baby. It’s a form of prostitution really, with a woman becoming an incubator for gay men, or a man donating semen to gay women. This is what happens when you pretend that something is what it isn’t.

First there is the immorality of purposely creating, for the first time in human history, a family where a child will not know either a male or female parent and not have a male or female role-model. Yes I know there are single parent families, but they’re never been the ideal and should not be the model to which we aspire. Then we have the nature of personhood, what it means to be unique and to possess inalienable human rights. To create life in such a cold, clinical way runs counter to all of this. It’s manipulation, it’s perverse, it’s wrong.

Now come the inevitable consequences of such behaviour. Earlier this year a sperm donor in northern Ontario wanted to meet his child, the baby born due to the donation of his sperm. The lesbian couple who are raising the child objected, and the judge (and this comes as no surprise at all) sided with the gay couple and said it would be too risky for the so-called father to meet his child at this point.

Too risky? Good Lord, maybe this should have been considered before the entire unethical, exploitative and anti-human process began. I’ve no time for the father, and I have severe doubts concerning his motives, but he does have a direct genetic link to this toddler. Then again, it may indeed be confusing to the child to suddenly meet daddy. But it’s going to be far more confusing being raised by two women, who arranged for you to exist in a way not dissimilar to arranging to raise a dog or a cat.

I don’t want to sound uncaring and certainly not cruel, but in spite of television and media propaganda, you and I know viscerally, in the gut and in the heart, that this is severely inappropriate. If gay people want to live together it is their business and not mine, and the state has no right to interfere. But the state has an obligation to interfere when children are abused, and if this is not child abuse from the earliest of stages I do not know what is. What’s love got to do with it? Not very much at all. It’s a physical spasm bought for a few dollars, and the triumph of adult selfishness and political fashion over the fundamental rights of the child.

Nor is this confined to Ontario, Canada, or even North America. Similar cases are coming to light in Britain and the rest of Europe, and they are certain to become more common and more hostile. We know that divorce hurts children, but that parents have deluded themselves that somehow separation can be free of acrimony and that, “hey, it’s better for the kids in the long run.” No, what is better for the kids is a good marriage, and the solution to a dented marriage is not divorce but work, sacrifice, and commitment. The solution to sperm donations, artificial birth, loveless sex, and the perversion or marriage is to stop the absurdity of it all as quickly as humanly possible.

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