Every year from late May through to August, The Interim hires two university students, to assist in the work we do. They become involved in various aspects of the paper from writing and researching stories to developing pro-life curriculum to production and archiving. This benefits both the paper and the students. The Interim has extra hands around to help complete the many tasks that go into our publishing enterprise while the students get valuable work experience and training in pro-life.

These summer students’ wages are subsidized by Service Canada as part of a federal youth hiring program, but it covers only half their salaries. In the past, we have been able to shoulder this responsibility without much hassle or fuss, but as a perusal of our paper will show, the advertising revenue is not what it used to be and we do not have the funds we need to meet all our obligations.

We are asking you to invest in The Interim and these young pro-life students by donating to our Summer Student Fund. We are hoping that your generosity will prevent us from having to redirect resources from other necessary areas of operations to pay the modest salaries for these summer jobs. Please consider sending a donation today to The Interim, Suite 301, 104 Bond Street, Toronto, Ont., M5B 1X9. Or call us at (416) 204-1687 or 1-800-730-5358.

Every bit helps. Donations of $75 or more will acknowledged in the Friends for Life section of the paper for one month (unless you state you would prefer to not be recognized in that manner). Those who donate $125 or more will also receive a copy of our next book, A Memoir by Patrick Coffey, the autobiography of a pro-life doctor that is being released this Summer.  

Thank you for your support.


Paul Tuns