Allison Kach assists during a Pro-Life Israel training session.

The Holy Land. The nation of Israel. The physical place where God put on flesh in his mother’s womb, lived among men and completed the necessary sacrifice for our reconciliation with himself for eternity. Since the time of Moses, the enemy of life and family, the enemy of our souls, has been attempting to snuff out the lives of Hebrew children through abortion and infanticide.

In present-day Israel, this assault on the lives of the unborn is not coming in the form of a decree from Pharaoh or King Herod, but is working through the consciences of men and women who have been raised up in a spirit of error under ungodly, unrighteous teachings of secular humanism and liberalism. As evidence for such a claim, Israel’s population of seven million is missing two million babies that have been killed through abortion in its 60 years as a nation. While 1.5 million Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust in the first half of the 20th century, that pales in comparison to the death toll of abortion by their own hand over the past six decades.

On a recent outreach to Israel, the Lord connected me with ProLife Israel’s executive director, Sandy Shoshani. Be’Ad Chaim (ProLife Israel) operates seven centres throughout the country and reaches out to Jew and Arab alike. These offer free pregnancy testing, counselling, monthly support groups, ultrasounds, housing and more. They also run “Operation Moses,” which provides for the needs of mother and baby through and past pregnancy and is based on financial need.

While I was in Israel, Sandy asked me to assist her in training pregnancy counsellors for a new pregnancy centre to open in Tel Aviv. More than 15 women from all over Israel gathered together to learn about loving, embracing and comforting women in crisis pregnancies by the grace and love of Jesus. We also gave Be’Ad Chaim moulds to mass produce models of babies at 10 weeks of development. They were ecstatic for such a practical tool, made possible through the generosity of Joseph Meaney and Human Life International. As a result, thousands of these models are being passed out in every region of Israel to reach out, re-educate and inform the public of the truth of life at conception.

Currently, abortion-on-demand is legal in the nation of Israel. The teaching by some rabbis that a baby is not a human being until 40 days, and to some, three months after birth is still present, which has fostered a public opinion that sees abortion as a non-issue, and at best, an issue for Americans and Christians in other places. Another symptom of the lack of respect for the sanctity of life is found in the policies of the Israeli Defence Force. The IDF pays for each female soldier to have two free abortions during her mandatory two-year service. The implications of this are staggering, seeing that every Israeli young woman must serve and thereby risk indoctrination by this immoral and unjust standard.

In the midst of the darkness, Be’Ad Chaim is praying, fasting and working to see the light of Yeshua (Jesus) shine in these areas. I participated in two other outreaches that are a part of this labour of love. I spoke to a group of about 25 young people from a Messianic congregation about sexual purity and abstinence. It was encouraging to see their rooting in God’s word and love for righteousness and truth. I also joined the weekly outreach at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, where the Be’Ad Chaim volunteers hand out pamphlets to thousands on the busiest day of the week.

It was here that I experienced the hurt and hardness of the young female soldiers, which they wore openly through their facial expressions, rude comments and avoidance of the information. However hard it must seem for the ones who are breaking this ground, we can see God moving, touching hearts and saving babies’ lives.

For the organization, it seems that the next mountain to move is that of public opinion. They are praying for and desiring to lobby the Knesset and infiltrate the media to shift public opinion to embrace a culture of life. Be’Ad Chaim is also hoping for a maternity home to take their program to the next level. Let’s pray to see these things come to pass. I believe that we must support and pray for our brothers in sisters in Israel with greater fervency than ever and, as we bless Israel by assisting them to protect their most valuable resource, their families and children, we can take God at his word that He will bless us as well.

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Allison Kach is director of missions (WOLRC, Guelph) and former executive director of Guelph & Area Right to Life. Her article on Cyprus appeared in the February issue of The Interim.