Starring: Robert Downey Jr.,

Charles Grodin,

Kyra Sedgwick

Try finding a movie acceptable to two middle-aged males (who prefer the shoot ‘em up macho stereotype), one middle aged female (who rarely goes to the movies because of the no-smoking policy) and one 18-year-old female (who rarely goes to anything with anyone over the age of 25).  The other three honoured my choice and, much to my surprise, we all thoroughly enjoyed Hearts and Souls.

This is a super comedy.  Four people who are killed in a bus accident are sent as guardian angels to a child born as they die.  Unfortunately, they have such fun with this child that he is soon labeled as disturbed and they diplomatically disappear.  They do, however, continue to guard him, without him knowing they are around.

The return when he becomes a truly obnoxious adult (Robert Downey Jr.) and set about sorting him out.  The “angels” are told that they each have one opportunity to set to right something they left unresolved in their lives, and Downey Jr. becomes their human vehicle.

Downey Jr. is a very gifted comedian and the movie is hilarious as the angels set about wrapping up their lives.  There is no sex, and no swearing.

Only one warning: soft hearted middle-aged females would be well advised to bring along a handkerchief.  Others may well require one, but they will never admit it.