A pro-life sidewalk demonstration that forces passers-by to face the truth about what “choice” means is coming to Toronto.

The Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform (CCBR) uses three feet by four feet signs with graphic images of aborted babies under the question  “Choice?”  in order to engage the public in a conversation about abortion by showing what the euphemism of choice is really about: the killing of an unborn child.

Campaign Life Coalition Youth coordinator Alissa Golob attended the CCBR’s summer training course last Summer and as part of the week-long event, took part in a “Choice” Chain at the Calgary Stampede. After experiencing their effectiveness in starting conversations with people who passed by she decided the demonstration had to come to Toronto.

Golob, who has used graphic images in Show the Truth demonstrations since she was 13, told The Interim “Choice” Chain is “an effective instrument to open up a conversation with pedestrians,” and her goal is to eventually have weekly demonstrations to force “liberal Torontonians to think about what their support of ‘choice’ really means.”

Golob said, “There are at least 13 free standing abortion facilities, so Torontonians need to see what happening in their midst and what their taxpayer dollars are funding.”

Noting there is no regular form of pro-life witnessing in Toronto, Golob’s eventual goal is to have weekly “Choice” Chains in the city and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Last Fall Golob began training 25 youth – high school and university students and young professionals – at the Campaign Life Coalition offices and on Jan. 28, a group ventured to the downtown Toronto intersection of Yonge and College. The youth participants were recruited by CLC Youth and the location was chosen because it is “busy but not overwhelming.”

Golob said it was positive experience, but they were surprised by the reaction.  Many young people expressed their support for pro-life, but several older women swore at the young pro-life witnesses. However, Golob said they were “struck by the indifference” of most people which demonstrates “why we need to do this.” She added, “people need to see the evil they support when they support ‘choice’.”

Training is a prerequisite for taking part in the demonstrations and CLC Youth is currently ascertaining the need for additional sessions.