Faytene Kryskow felt the "call" to evangelize and defend the unborn.

One of the speakers at the 2010 International Pro-Life Conferenc, Building a Global Culture of Life, will be Faytene Kryskow, an author and influential young speaker involved in full-time Christian ministry in Canada. She provides leadership for TheCRY Canada and the MYCanada Association.

She told The Interim that “TheCRY mobilizes the church from across denominations and generations in full days of prayer and fasting for Canada. These days have recorded significant answers to prayer for Canada.” MYCanada Association, is a group of young people that seeks to influence parliamentarians on authentic social justice issues such as human trafficking, euthanasia, and abortion, by arranging for young people to meet parliamentarians to raise concerns about moral issues facing the country.

Kryskow also created Bound4Life Canada, a prayer movement to end abortion in Canada. Its key campaign is called the “24-7 Siege 4 Life”, which aims to have individuals sign up to pray at specific times of the day so that there will be constant prayer for the end of abortion.

Kryskow has been involved in full-time Christian service since 1997. “I got involved because God called me,” she said. Her first ministry involved establishing and leading outreach programs for the poor and addicted in the inner-city streets of Vancouver. She was the director of Neighbour Link Vancouver, part of World Vision Canada which organizes help for the poor from neighbourhood churches. In 2000, she worked for seven months under Hope for the Nations in West Africa to help malnourished children. While there, she launched a church and mercy ministry.

According to her website, faytene.ca, Kryskow’s “focus has been on advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Godly values” in Canada. She told The Interim that she is inspired to speak about moral issues by “a revelation of the heart of God which breaks over them.”

She became an opponent of abortion because of “a revelation of God’s heart on the issue, an understanding of what scripture says about it, the stories of the many women and men whose lives have been destroyed by abortion and the reality of how abortion has negatively affected the social demographics of Canada.” On her website, Kryskow relates an account she heard from Stephanie, a woman who became pro-life after she was put through an abortion without anaesthetics that resulted in life-threatening complications. That and knowing how abortionists make profit from what ultimately “destroys lives” is one particular reason why Kryskow says she is pro-life.

For Kryskow, youth bring “life” to the pro-life movement. The 2010 International Pro-Life Conference is one opportunity for young people – and all age groups – to hear Kryskow and other influential speakers from the pro-life and pro-family movement, including John Smeaton (president, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children), Bill Saunders (senior counsel, Americans United for Life), Dr. Jack Wilke (president, International Right to Life Federation), Brad Mattes (executive producer of the Emmy award-winning pro-life TV show, “Facing Life Head-on”), John-Henry Westen (editor-in-chief, LifeSiteNews.com), Michael O’Brien (Canadian novelist and author), and Rev. Johnny Hunter (president, LEARN). The conference will take place from October 28 to 30 at the Hampton Inn Hotel & Conference Centre in Ottawa.