Lorraine Williams

Lorraine Williams

On July 4, Catholic and pro-life writer Lorraine Mary Williams passed away at the age of 82. She passed away in the palliative care unit of Markham Stouffville Hospital after a long battle with cancer.

Her obituary read: “Her unbounded love of her family was but a reflection of her deep respect for the dignity and sanctity of all human life; which she constantly displayed in her love of and caring for people in a very personal way and as a professional social worker.”

She was also a writer and she dedicated her avocation to Catholic and pro-life writing, mostly for the Catholic Register but also The Interim and Catholic Insight; she was also editor of the pro-life magazine, The Uncertified Human.

Williams covered a number of Campaign Life Coalition conferences for the Catholic Register and contributed a chapter on abortion complications to the 1988 pro-life book No Easy Answers.

Jim Hughes, national president of CLC, told The Interim that she was sometimes the only journalist at CLC events and said her magazine The Uncertified Human exposed the dark underbelly of the abortion industry, such as when it ran an article by a woman who was not pregnant who visited the Morgentaler abortuary in Montreal and was almost forced to undergo the abortion procedure.

Hughes said, “on behalf of her many friends in the pro-life movement, we offer our condolences to her family and pray for the repose of her soul.”