Michael Coren - Journalist for Life

As I write my first column in 2012, and I’d like to introduce a new term, a new concept into the dialogue, the narrative of the Canadian body politic and public conversation. It’s this. Shut up! Yes, I know I sound a little rude, but there we are. As someone who has laboured in the media trenches for some years now, as a Christian, a pro-lifer, a defender of marriage and of normal sexuality, and an advocate of free speech and open expression, sometimes I need to shout just a little. So, yes, shut up!

To those Muslims, complaining that we link Islam to terror every time there is yet another slaughter committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. Who complain about Canada, when they came here because it was superior to their homeland, who instead of saying thank you shout “we object.” Who say so little when Christians are persecuted in the Islamic heartlands. Shut up!

To those Jewish organizations pretending that neo-Nazis and anti-Semites are hiding behind every corner, and that being Jewish in Canada is so very hard. Of course you’ve suffered in the past, and, of course, there were pogroms and a Holocaust. But this is now, this is Canada. Understand your holy texts, and what they say about life and its beginnings. Shut up!

To those gays who in the name of wanting to be treated equally, demand extra sensitivity and extra treatment, and try to convince us that what is in fact ultra fashionable, makes them perennial victims. You’ve not always been treated properly, sometimes not now, but you can also be bullies and be incredibly intolerant. To those of you who are like this, shut up!

To those natives – yes history has not always treated you well – who are now given millions of dollars by the public, a funded education, tax privileges, and kid glove reactions by police and authorities, but still tell the country that you are oppressed, and condemn the churches even though, while some in them abused their power, most worked so hard to improve your lives. Shut up. To Unions, and in particular public sector unions, who are the new middle class and who enjoy privileges that most of us could not even dream of, yet still strike and work to rule, and who silence their members who are pro-life or who object to same-sex marriage, shut up!

To teachers, who do a good job but who are well compensated and work no harder than other people, stop pretending that you don’t have the summer off, stop telling us about burn out, stop telling us that you’re there long after 4pm, stop claiming that you withdraw your labour because of the kids, not because you want more power and money. Whose unions, including those who call themselves Catholic, proclaim the slaughter of the unborn, promote perverse sexual curricula, and who will not listen to parents who are offended by this nonsense, shut up!

To students, who have no idea what real and working life is like, and who think the world owes them a living, and who splash around in the sea of leftist politics but know nothing about what is beneath the waves, and who ban pro-life clubs, try to intimidate pro-life students, have pro-life activists arrested, and who scream morally conservative and Christian critics into silence, shut up!

To those black people – and my golly we have not treated you well in former days – who forget that slavery is long gone, organized racism of the past, police brutality largely a myth, employment discrimination equally so. Stop blaming other people for anything that goes wrong. Remember, the new slavery is abortion. There is a war on the black community in North America, and in Africa itself – big abortion targets black and brown communities, and is fuelled by racism. If you refuse to embrace this ugly reality, shut up!

Libertarians who call themselves conservative and groan on about the state, of course there is too much state interference, but without the concept of the sanctity of humanity and the protection of life, freedom is irrelevant. If you don’t get this, shut up! Canadians telling us the Americans are bad and stupid. Much as they are far from perfect, Americans do at least debate the abortion issue, and are prepared to listen to the arguments. If Canadians feel smug about their sense of superiority, shut up, shut up, shut up!

There, I feel better now. And if you’re offended, oh yes, the offended; to the offended, who are offended by everything other than babies being exterminated and thrown into the garbage – shut up!

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