As the Ontario government gets ready to bring back the radical sex education curriculum for Ontario’s children, here are ten reasons why parents should reject it in spite of the political correctness propaganda that supports it.

  1. Children don’t need to know all the mechanics of sex before they are emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually old enough to understand what they are being taught. Scrap the curriculum and spend the money on properly counselling students, making sure there is help for students who have mental issues, and feeding those that come to school hungry.
  2. The morally misguided idea that elementary children can give consent to sex is evil. Children are being abused when they are introduced to explicit sex. This isn’t a healthy and responsible way to teach about human sexuality. Consensual sex doesn’t necessarily make sex safe, moral, and appropriate.
  3. What has “gender inequality” got to with sex education? Who gets to define the term and the meaning? Parents should not even recognize the word “gender” and refer only to the two sexes, male and female.  Catholic parents have the constitutional right to do so. The government should say what they really intend to do. Tell Ontarians that the curriculum pushes homosexuality, “gender identity” and teaches kids dangerous sexual acts such as anal and oral sex.
  4. No Ontarian should swallow the lie that the new sex education is needed to deal with Internet and safety issues. If some students have gotten into trouble with revealing pictures they have posted on the Internet, how is teaching them about the disputed “gender theory” of self-defining sexuality based on feelings going to solve the problem? It’s not.
  5. Parents should not be misled and confuse school violence, bullying, and the proper use of social media with the need to teach children all the details about sex at a young age. To address cyberbullying and sexting issues can best be done with the help of companies that provide the service and parental involvement. Let’s not confuse school safety with the perverted notion of children being used as objects of sex because the agenda of political correctness entitles them, and even some groups at the United Nations agree, to have “sexual rights.” This right is just as false the “reproductive right” to kill a baby in the womb. This corrupts language and leads to behaviour that’s immoral.
  6. Yes, it’s a good idea to try to stop a student from harm because they posted an inappropriate photo on a social media site and sent it to a friend. The photo somehow gets to others who were never intended to view it or it reaches a person who misuses it to blackmail the sender. There’s no easy solution, but the answer isn’t this: teach the children an explicit sex education curriculum. No educator in his or her right mind believes this nonsense. Children need the proper and loving guidance of parents and teachers in order to best deal with this serious issue. Often these students need special help because they are suffering from emotional, psychological and social problems which lead to the inappropriate photo posting in the first place.
  7. Sadly today some university and college students are sending graphic and explicit messages about sex. At Dalhousie University, for example, social messages like would you like to “hate f__,” have been used. But this is the result of a society that has oversexualized children too early and at some point we are bound to see the evil fruits. We live in a very sexualized society and more explicit sex at a younger age is hardly the answer. Instead, the solution begins with parental and teacher guidance. As a society, we need to encourage our young to show proper respect for themselves and the dignity of the person.
  8. The fact that Benjamin Levin helped develop the sex-ed component of the Health and Physical Education curriculum ought to be reason enough to reject it. Levin has been charged with seven counts of child exploitation, including charges of possessing and accessing child pornography. (Editor’s note: he has since indicated he will plead guilty to several of those charges.) But wouldn’t a good and caring government want to distance itself from any connection whatsoever to this sordid and perverted mess?
  9. Parents as First Educators, Real Women of Canada, and a network of parental rights advocates that includes Campaign Life Coalition, have all come out strongly to condemn the limited parental consultation process being used by the Wynne Liberals to get the curriculum approved even before it’s officially released. The sex ed curriculum should have been an election issue so that voters could have had a real and transparent consultation process with their vote. But why bother to let democracy get in the way of political correctness. Ontarians have been misled.
  10. School board trustees in the province have had no say regarding the proposed new curriculum. Unless major changes are made, Catholic trustees should reject the curriculum because it contradicts the teaching of the Church on human sexuality, the family and marriage. Catholic teachers have the right to refuse to teach the curriculum and Catholic parents have the right to outright reject it. Our children must be physically and morally protected.

 Lou Iacobelli, a former educator, writes the Everyday For Life Canada blog where a version of this originally appeared Jan. 13. It is used with permission.