“All they want is a dead baby,” said Greg Murphy, the day after Morgentaler aborted the 16-week-old unborn baby of his girlfriend Barbara Dodd.

No Summary of what has gone on in Canada during the month of July seems more apt than this one. And no other statement sums up more accurately the spiritual sickness whish has struck this and other Western nations. It is as if we were uttering a death wish.

In short succession to one another, two judges issued an injunction on behalf of fathers trying to prevent an abortion by their girlfriends. Immediately the entire corps of newspaper, TV and radio editors, columnists and writers reacts in horror and demand action. Action for what? Action for the immediate overthrow of the injunctions and the execution of the projected abortions.

The air filled with howls about women’s rights and the right to “reproductive choice,” never further specified. Newspaper columnists and editorial writers- the Toronto Star, now Canada’s most relentless pro-abortion paper, in no less than three editorials – falsely claim that the Supreme Court decision of January 28, 1988, has given women a constitutional right to abortion. They hammer it in and tolerate no dissent. (The Supreme Court ruled Section 251 out of order for procedural reasons; they rejected Morgentaler’s demand for the right to abortion under the Charter of Rights.)

The two judges are denounced as Roman Catholics and therefore biased. When in Toronto the young women who has been idolized by the pro-abortionists for having the abortion expresses regret and remorse, and when in Quebec a second judge and then three more judges of the Quebec Appeal Court reinforce the original decision, rage knows no bounds.

“Quebec is a banana republic,” declares abortionist lawyer Clayton Ruby. Judge Gibson Gray is to be commended for allowing TV to record his historic sentencing (overturning the injunction) states the Globe, without averting to the fact that the judge’s ruling was a sentence of death for Dodd’s unborn baby.

The Montreal Gazette is horrified at Judge Viens and calls it an appalling case (July 19); Le Devoir of Montreal (July 19) speaks of “an act of abusive restraint”; and La Presse (July 20), under the title “legal Russian roulette,” claims that the judgment questions one of the fundamentals of life. What fundamental? The editor, of course, means a women’s right, without ever telling his public what this right involves.

Every newspaper in the country carries articles about how Chantal Daigle can avoid the injunction and exercise her “rights” by going to doctors in New York (up to 26 weeks) or Detroit (24 weeks).

Editorials and columnists never speak of killing a baby. For the media there is no unborn baby. There is a “fetus,” or as an ardent admirer of Henry Morgentaler, Globe and Mail columnist June Callwood, put it, “scraps of humanity.” That and nothing more. How dare these “anti-abortionists,” these “fanatics” claim otherwise! But just in case, the Star decided it had better get scientist and broadcaster David Suzuki to tell us all that “it all depends on when we decide a developing cell mass is human and there is now way scientists can define that” (August 12). So much for the late Dr. Steptoe, who started the in-vitro fertilization process, and who, when he saw Louise Brown born, said: “the last time I saw her she was in a little dish.”

The Dodd-Daigle saga was completed on the front and inside pages of the Toronto Star and on CBC’s Journal, Sunday, August 13. In the newspaper, two pictures of a radiant Chantal Daigle, a true feminist heroine, accompany the news of how she sold the story of her illegal abortion for $8,000 to the Mail on Sunday of England, and how she outwitted the judges, including those of the Supreme Court of Canada, by exercising her “reproductive right” one week before they sat in judgment. There is no mention of possible complicity in an illegal act on the part of her law firm, or of the two abortion counselors who accompanied her, or of those who financed her trip. Above all, there is no mention of the fact that she and her accomplices killed a 22-week-old pre-born baby.

CBC’s Journal told the public that Chantal is a Catholic, but doesn’t reveal that Miss Daigle and those who counseled and aided her, were, by church law, automatically excommunicated.

Abortion insanity reached a new height in a story August 14. In it Daigle explained that she aborted her baby in order that her child would not have to suffer a life of abuse. Said to the headline: “Had abortion to protect fetus, Daigle says.”

Some protection.