Speaking in Toronto, American Life League president Judie Brown was guaranteed the undivided attention of her audience of over 200 when she boldly stated “Canada is a Dictatorship.”

Her riveting accusation was in response to the Ontario government’s decision to pay for all abortions, including those in private abortuaries such as Henry Morgentaler’s.

Continuing, Mrs. Brown acknowledged that the U.S. government had, over the years, poured millions into Planned Parenthood.  However, she reminded her audience, it did not subsidize a private enterprise which made millions killing babies and exploiting women.

In an update on the situation in the U.S., she cautioned her listeners against premature rejoicing at the departure of pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, reminding them that his resignation was dependent upon Senate approval of his replacement.

While the most likely appointment would be Clarence Thomas, Mrs. Brown said that Senator Byden from Delaware had threatened that Senate approval would never be given to a black pro-life judge.

Enthusiastically, she announced that Pope John Paul II would shortly issue a new Encyclical on Human Life, an announcement received with relief by pro-life activists who felt disappointed at the failure of some Church leaders to take a strong position on human life and legislation protecting it.

She made a spirited attack on pluralism and the subsequent failure of society to embrace commitment and moral absolutes, stating that freedom matters only when human beings matter.

Drawing a comparison between abortion and euthanasia, Mrs. Brown spoke of personhood, illustrating the fact that with Living Wills and Substituted Judgment-type legislation, the personhood denied the pre-born is now being denied the elderly, the disabled and the terminally ill, making starvation and lethal injection the counterpart of the abortion procedure.

Praising pro-lifers as the only ones who were truly selfless, accepting of suffering and committed, she urged those present to resist accusations of being religious zealots who impose their views on others and to work towards a turn around by falling on our knees and publicly proclaiming God.