“The recovery of the Christian religion is the single great challenge that awaits us in the new millennium. Never before in the history of the world has any great society or civilization attempted to ‘run on empty,

‘ without the moral consensus of religion.”

(Larry Henderson “Breaking the logjam of dissent.” Challenge October,  1995)

“If physicians don’t feel that they can determine when the need to terminate a pregnancy is medically required, I don’t think politicians can.” (Shirley McClellan, Alberta’s Health Minister, Globe and Mail, Oct. 11, 1995)

“Our position is that if doctors can’t say when an abortion is medically required, that suggests they aren’t medically required.” (Joanne Hatton of the Committee to End Taxpayer-funded Abortions in Alberta, Globe and Mail, Oct. 11, 1995)

“All abortions are medically necessary in the sense that they have to be done by a doctor.” (Abortionist Henry Morgentaler, Western Report, Oct. 9, 1995)

“The question of whether or not abortion should be paid for is a social or political one, not medical one.” (Don Chadsey, Deputy Registrar of  the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, Western Report, Oct. 9, 1195)