The first hero of Nova Scotia’s raging war against abortionist Henry Morgentaler is Halifax Mayor Ron Wallace.

Asked by confrontational CBC-TV anchorman Jim Nunn if his strong pro-life stance isn’t “politically dangerous,” Mayor Wallace said, “Yes, but it is bigger than the office.”

Mayor Wallace is 73, a former amateur boxing champion and one of 15 children. He said Morgentaler’s clinic on McCully St. is “not needed” and “breaks the law.”

His comments were a rallying call and morale booster for battle weary front-line troops on the Morgentaler picket line. “I cried with happiness when he said saving lives is bigger than being mayor,” said Mary Ann Hennessey of nova Scotians United for Life.

In an exclusive interview with The Interim, Mayor Wallace expanded on his TV comments and issued a strong challenge to Prime Minister Mulroney and other waffling politicians.

“There is no safe political position on abortion but the middle of the road is where the white line is and that’s where you get hit by the car.”

“I can’t understand Mulroney, that he expects cabinet solidarity. You can’t forget about your conscience just because you’re in cabinet.”

“Mulroney no matter how strong his control of cabinet should have no control over the conscience of any member of cabinet. They should have no control over the conscience of any member of cabinet. They should not give him control over their conscience when they’re dealing with a matter of life and death.”

On a personal note, Mayor Wallace said, “My mother lived to be 94 and a half after having 15 children. This makes some statement about the supposed rigors of child birth.”

Meanwhile the pro-life counter attack against the Morgentaler clinic heats up on a multitude of front lines. Dr. J.C. Wilke, a major force in the U.S. pro-life war, briefed N.S. activists on battle tactics in a weekend rally in Yarmouth:

“Talk about saving babies and saving lives. Don’t talk about prohibiting abortions. People don’t like to be confined.”

“Never call Morgentaler a doctor,” he told several hundred supporters. “Call him an abortionist. They all hate that word. Because it is an ugly word. Use it! What they do is an ugly thing.”

At Grace Wesleyan Church Pastor Chris Mattatall said, “Love is our best weapon against Morgentaler because he is just another abortion victim.”

NDP leader Alexa Mcdonough said his clinic on McCully St. “is there to address a need.” She calls the N.S. government court battle against the clinic “a phony war.”

In another skirmish in the media war, even Humpty Dumpty has been enlisted in the Battle. A large ad on page three of the Maritimes” largest newspaper tells readers: “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men can’t put a baby together again!”

It’s the first salvo in all out fund raising blitz by Nova Scotia’s United for Life. The campaign has been organized and donated by a group of Toronto based advertising and media consultants.