Over 110 people met September 7 in Toronto to support the research and publishing work of the Human Life Research Institute (HLRI).

Among the guests were Dr. Paul Ranalli, president of Toronto Physicians for Life, Judy Anderson, national president of REAL Women, Dr. Heather Morris, past president of Alliance for Life, and Don Bastian, Managing Editor of Stoddart Publishing.

Guest speaker was Dr. Suzanne Scorsone, director of the Office of Family Life of the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, and a member of the Royal Commission of New Reproductive Technologies. Dr. Scorsone described in detail the nightmarish possibilities raised by the rapid advances in human genetics and the technology of fertilization – custody and ownership disputes over fertilized or unfertilized ova, commerce in human reproductive tissue, as well as fetal tissue; the question of what to do with “spare” embryos produced by current in vitro fertilization technology, and so on. She urged all individuals and groups who care about these issues to write letters and briefs to the Royal Commission.

Institute President, Dr. Barrie de Veber, spoke of the Institute’s forthcoming major study on euthanasia.  He also recounted the story of the most ambitious project to date. The book “A Time to Choose Life: Women, Abortion and Human Rights.” Although it is a fall 1990 book, sales have already reached 1,000 and several favourable reviews have appeared in The Interim (May 1990) and elsewhere.