“Cowards walk in crowds.  The brave in single file.”  Old Indian saying.

Whoever chose the name “David” for Officer Packer must have been inspired.  For Packer is following in the footsteps of his great namesake, David, King of Israel.  In case you have forgotten the story, look it up in the First Book of Samuel, Chapter 17.  With nothing to support him but five smooth stones and the conviction that God was on his side, the diminutive David faced the Giant Goliath – and conquered him!

In this week’s news, history is repeating itself.  A lone David Packer is taking on the giant which is the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force.  Whatever the outcome, he has already conquered by his courage.

For more than two years we have waited for a police officer with guts.  And at last one has arrived.

Is Ian Scott listening?

I have not met David Packer, but I have heard him on the radio and he has my deepest respect.  Listen to his statement: “I would not stand guard outside a clinic in which newborn babies were being killed.  So, why should I guard one in which preborn babies are being killed?”  That sums up the situation perfectly and every officer who has been “on duty” outside the “House of Death” should hear it and think about it.

The one who needs to hear it most of all is Attorney-General of Ontario, Mr. Ian Scott, who has miserably failed to observe his Oath of Office and is – politically – responsible for the deaths of thousands of babies during the past two years.

Limits of authority

Next to him, the Chief of Police should listen and learn.  He apparently doesn’t have the courage to say to the Attorney-General, “I will resign rather than send my men to protect an operation that is not only immoral but also illegal.”

I gather that the charge against Office Packer is, “Breaking the Oath which he took to carry out the legitimate order of a superior officer.”

I also took an oath – called a vow – 50 years ago to obey any legitimate order of a superior.  But an order to do something immoral is not a legitimate command.  So even if the Pope were to order me to do or say something in support of abortion – an unlikely supposition – I would respectfully inform His Holiness that he was stepping outside the limits of his authority, and I would refuse to obey.

St. Peter put it succinctly when he said to the High Priests and Elders, “You must judge whether in God’s eyes it is right to listen to you rather than to God.”  (Act, Chapter 4).

Inspired to do more

Here is a similar situation, and if the police authorities can’t see it or, if seeing it they are so lacking in principle as to ignore it, they are unworthy of the positions which have been entrusted to them.  Does the motto, “Salus populi” mean anything to our police – or is it merely a decoration on their caps?

David Packer has a wife and five children.  I haven’t.  His refusal to compromise his conscience has inspired me to do more for the unborn, it should also inspire his colleagues in the Police Force.

The violence is inside

I can’t believe that all those fine men – including the ones who arrested me – support the daily murdering of babies.  Many of them must have babies themselves.  If their argument is that they are there to prevent possible violence outside the clinic, why do they not go in and stop the certain and shocking violence that is being perpetrated inside?  Would they have to wait for orders if they knew that a child of age one were being torn to bits inside a house?

Come on men.  Use your heads and your hearts!  Why don’t you get together and tell the Supervisor and the Chief that you will no longer be stooges guarding a house of death, prevented from going in and doing your moral and legal duty in stopping the crimes being committed inside.  Or are you completely lacking in moral courage?

Remember Nuremburg

Remember that at the Nuremburg Trials the Nazi criminals’ defense that they were acting on orders from their superiors was rejected by the Tribunal: “The charter of the tribunal provided that the fact of the defendant acted pursuant to orders of his government or a superior officer should not free him of responsibility.”  (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Your motto is “Salus Poluli suprema est lex,” taken from Cicero.  It is translated, “The good of the people is the supreme law.”  How does that square with guarding a clinic in which defenseless, innocent human beings are being murdered every day?  Act like men and not like wimps.  Don’t forget that your final judgment will not be before a human commission.

“Some men die by the sword.  Others go down in flames.  But most men perish inch by inch in play and little games.”