For the last couple of weeks, The Interim has received a number of telephone calls and letters criticizing our decision to allow sitting MPs to write articles describing how their particular party might best represent pro-life, pro-family Canadians.

Mississauga MP Albina Guarnieri, whose article appeared in the March issue, has been especially singled out for attack by some readers (see first two Letters to Editor in this issue).

While we would agree it is difficult. If not impossible, to defend the Liberals’ overall track record when it comes to pro-life concerns, some perspective clearly is in order here.

These articles were solicited by The Interim based on our belief that the writers were willing to go beyond the party position to take a pro-life stand. Albina Guarnieri in particular, has shown a great deal of courage by opposing her own party over such issues as the right to life and special rights for homosexuals. We are all aware of the fate of other Liberal MPs who have bucked the party position on certain issues.

Guarnieri and other pro-life MPs must wrestle with their own consciences if they choose to remain in parties, which are officially pro-abortion. Nonetheless it is disheartening when courageous pro-life MPs are lumped in with the milquetoast majority who fear taking any kind of stand.