An “outspoken pro-life politician” sounds a bit like “A white blackbird.” But they do exist even if few and far between. We have one in Mr. Paul Steckle, Liberal MP for Huron-Bruce (Ont.) to which he was elected in the 1993 federal election.The Wingham paper gives an account of Mr. Steckle’s speech to a dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Wingham Voice for Life. The reception took place at the Sacred Heart Church in Wingham on April 7th. Mr. Steckle has gained a reputation as an uncompromising supporter of pro-life issues. Here are a few quotations from his speech at the dinner: “We need to speak forcefully and remind MPs that we must protect the rights of the unborn. We need to speak out as we never have before.

“For years the courts have wrangled over the legal definition of a person – the unborn, the elderly, the mentally or physically challenged. There are those who wish that these people be taken from our midst. The Bible is very clear: Life begins at conception. God has a plan for us even before we are born. Life is a sacred gift from God.

“Right now Canada is at war, supporting a NATO force in Kosovo. We know how precious life is, but we are forgetting the most vulnerable in our own country.”

Mr. Steckle describes abortion as follows: “Abortion is a cruel end to a new life and is a choice not without consequences. It often leads to distress in the mother.” He describes it as a “high-cost form of birth control.”

He continues: “If a pregnancy is unwanted, many people want children through adoption.” In 1971, Mr. Steckle and his wife Kathy adopted a child.

In conclusion Mr. Steckle encouraged his audience to keep up the fight for the pro-life cause and champion a just and moral society.

On reading the above, people might be inclined to say, “Well, like most politicians, he was adapting his speech to please his pro-life audience.” This is certainly not true, as Mr. Steckle’s past political history proves.

Here are a few of his public stands for life since his election in 1993. In a public letter in 1994, he stated, “Abortion has had a serious sociological impact on Canada. Attitudinal changes have caused us to forsake the value and sanctity of life for both the born and the unborn. Based on my Christian values, I will always hold the belief that life is sacred from conception to natural death.”

In another letter in 1994, he wrote, “I cannot support euthanasia or doctor assisted suicide. I do however believe that there is a time appointed for us to die and we should allow this natural progression to take its course at its own time.”

In a “Lobby Report” from a few years ago, CLC public affairs director Karen Murawsky wrote that Mr. Steckle “feels that there is great evil in the world, likely to become worse, and that one must engage in the battle whether or not we think we can win at this time. He talked of his Christian faith and how it influences his actions.”

In a letter to a prospective voter, Mr. Steckle wrote, “Thank you for your letter of concern on a matter that I care very much about. I understand your frustration for the lives of the unborn children. As your MP let me assure you of my vigilance in support of the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. May you, as you continue your journey in life, hold fast to your convictions knowing that your efforts are not in vain.”

On reading all of the above the reader might assume that Mr. Paul Steckle is a Roman Catholic. I have news for you: Mr. Steckle is a Mennonite, and the Mennonites can certainly be proud of him.

As long as Mr. Dalton McGuinty — a Catholic who publicly stated that, while he is personally against abortion, he cannot allow his religious beliefs to affect his political views and is therefore in practice “pro-choice” — is leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, I would rather die than give them my vote. And I mean exactly that. Mr. McGuinty says that he believes in “a woman’s right to choose.” In other words, he believes that a mother has the right to have her baby murdered.

Here is a quotation from the Pope’s encyclical letter, The Gospel of Life: “Among all the crimes which can be committed against life, procured abortion has characteristics making it particularly serious and deplorable. The Second Vatican Council defines abortion, together with infanticide, as an ‘unspeakable crime.'”