At the height of the Lillehammer Olympics, pro-lifers grabbed international attention with the theft of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” a priceless Norvegian masterpiece.

A pro-life Lutheran minister told the media the painting would “emerge again” if the national TV station runs The Silent Scream, a pro-life movie made by Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

So far Rev. Borre Knudsen has been cautious about revealing information concerning the theft which happened during a special Olympic exhibition to highlight Norvegian culture.

“We can’t publicly state that we know what happened linked with the issue we feel deeply about,” said Rev. Knudsen.  “If Norvegian television broadcasts The Silent Scream then  “The Scream” would emerge again.”

The TV network NRK has said it won’t show the classic documentary made by the former abortionist, which portrays what really happens during an abortion.  The police do not consider Knudsen a suspect in the theft.  Operation Rescue has denied any involvement saying stealing to highlight the issue would compromise Christian beliefs.

Some OR members were ejected from Norway because they were suspected of planning illegal activities in the country but the deportations had nothing to do with the theft.  Norvegian church groups have been trying to promote the pro-life cause while the world is focused on Lillehammer.